PreCats! Is A New Cat Raising Idle RPG Giving Off The Battle Cats Vibes

Get set for a belly-full of laughs with PreCats!, the new idle RPG on Android. It’s a cute and creepy cat RPG adventure. It was created by Ignition M, which is known for titles like Raspberry Mash. Are you keen to dive into this rollicking escapade? Follow along as we give you a quick lowdown on the game!

PreCats! Is An Idle Cat Raising Adventure

The game’s about PreCat, a cat with a really purrretty bottom. It sends you on an epic quest for something as unexpected as simmered mackerel while duking it out with sinister baddies. PreCats! has stress-free, one-handed gameplay, perfect for world-saving on the go in portrait mode.

When it comes to fighting in PreCats!, things couldn’t be simpler. No need to wrestle with complex controls, you can easily take control of the battlefield with straightforward taps and swipes. This laid-back combat system suits anyone who doesn’t want to pour time into level grinding.

As for the character lineup, gamers who love cats are in for a treat (need I even say that?). PreCats! seems to be made with a cat lover’s dream in mind, with a crew of cat crusaders. Grab anything from prickly cacti to sharp swordfish to smack down your foes in the off-the-wall weapon roster.

Still on the fence? Take a moment to watch the video below for a slice of what’s in store at PreCats!

If you loved what you saw above, head to the Google Play Store and grab the game. It’s free to play. To learn more about the game, check out their official website.

PreCats! shares a huge resemblance with The Battle Cats, and guess what? We’ve got some updates on the latter as well. So, make sure to take a look. Catified Once Again! The Battle Cats x Hatsune Miku Crossover Kicks Off Today.

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