Palworld tactical genius melts through the 294,000 HP of its new raid boss in seconds by spamming a frame rate-destroying platoon of dragons

Pocketpair added a new goth girl raid boss last week, and people have already found ways to clown on her. Although the Poké-like gives players 10 full minutes to deal with Bellanoir, at least one enterprising Reddit user has found a way to whittle that down to a brisk 36 seconds. How? Overwhelming and spectacular firepower.

Raid boss 36 second speedrun from r/Palworld

As you can see above, a player named notqp has conceived a tactic called ‘What if I just launched like a hundred dragons at this thing?’ The strat, in which you just launch like a hundred dragons at the thing, is devastatingly effective, and consists of spamming her with upwards of 20 Jetdragons at a time, melting through her 294,000 HP in a matter of seconds. At that point, the true raid boss is your frame rate.

Originally posted by www.pcgamer.com

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