Star Wars Outlaws: 5 Things to Pay Attention to in the Newest Trailer

A Look at All the Criminal Syndicates

Kay and Nix will need to travel to the far reaches of the galactic underworld and build their reputation with legendary criminal organizations including the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Cartel, Crimson Dawn, and the Ashiga Clan, a new syndicate created in collaboration between Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. While stealing valuable goods, infiltrating secret locations, and outwitting enemies, players will need to carefully consider how their choices affect their status with each syndicate. Kay’s ever-changing reputation will be influenced by every move.

New Planets and Locations

We saw more of the planets and locations that Kay and Nix will explore on their journey. As Kay, you’ll be able to explore Canto Bight, Tatooine, Kijimi, Akiva, and a new addition to the Star Wars galaxy, Toshara, which was developed by Massive Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. From the humid jungles of Akiva to the windswept savannah of Toshara, each of these locations offers a unique experience and a variety of gameplay opportunities.

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