Xbox update brings new game hubs to PC and Discord improvements

It’s time to download this month’s Xbox update! The Xbox April update is now rolling out to all users, and while the update seems to be primarily PC-focused, it does include a couple of small tweaks and improvements for Xbox consoles.

Xbox April update available to download now

Xbox April update

For PC players, the Xbox April update brings a new feature called game hubs. Microsoft says if you navigate to a game in your library or in the sidebar, you should see a refreshed page that easily allows you to “track your progress, discover the latest content and add-ons, connect and compete with your friends, and get the latest news from developers.”

A change has also been made to game captures on PC with this update. Game clips or screenshots made through the Xbox Game Bar will now be displayed in a game’s hub, making them easier to access.

As for console changes, you can expect some small improvements to Discord voice chat and game captures. If you use Discord Voice on your Xbox console, Microsoft says you’ll now be able to hear soundboard audio from others in the channel or call. If you’re not interested in this feature, you can find a mute button for soundboard audio in the Discord Voice settings by going to Options > Mute soundboard. For game captures, those who use OneDrive to back up their captures will now receive a notification on their console if their OneDrive storage is running low on space.

Additionally, Microsoft has added a new option that allows you to block users on your console from installing or uninstalling games and apps. “You can enable access restrictions with a ‘guest pin’ and disable these new controls when a game or app install or uninstall happens,” Microsoft says. “Your guest will be prompted for the ‘guest pin’ to complete the activity.” You can find this option by navigating to Settings > System > Access restrictions.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft has set up a new team dedicated to game preservation to help future-proof the Xbox game library.

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