Dragon’s Lair: 06C Lizard King/Pot of Gold (Video Game Walkthrough)

This is a complete walkthough of the video game: Dragon’s Lair. This was the premiere laserdisk video game of all time from Don Bluth Productions. This videos is meant to supplement your purchase of the game as it really is a “How To Beat Dragon’s Lair” tutorial. The moves are all set, so here you will see all of the action and what to do to save the princecess Daphne by slaying the evil dragon Singe.

Included are all of the correct moves from the Cinimatronics arcade version (easy and hard settings), CD-i, ReadySofy (Atari Jaguar, Sega CD, IBM-PC CD-ROM) and Digital Leisure. Also included are all of the incorrect moves that cause death, cause buzzing and require precise timing. Of course, the scoring is there as well move by move.

For a lot more information, watch my Dragon’s Lair Guide which will explain pretty much every question you may have about the game.


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