How ID@Xbox is Enabling 8 Global Game Developers to Realize Their Vision

One core mission here at Xbox is ensuring that games can be experienced by players all around the world, and supporting developers on their journey to create incredible experiences is a key part of this goal. This year, ID@Xbox is helping independent studios bring some amazing new titles to Xbox, PC and Game Pass. To celebrate here’s a look at eight exciting upcoming games from the EMEA and APAC regions, and how Xbox is supporting bringing them to life.

Fallen Tear: The Ascension by Winter Crew (Philippines)

Get stuck into a fresh take on Metroidvania in Fallen Tear: The Ascension, a 2D JRPG set in a magical, unique world. As Hira, you’ll uncover secrets from your past, battle dangerous beasts, and even defy a god or two along the way! More details on the title are expected soon.

“As a team debuting our first game, we needed more experience to promote and spread the word about it effectively. ID@Xbox helped us realize that reaching a wider audience is now possible,” says Stephen Manalastas, Founder of CMD Studio. “Our game was created as a love letter to the gaming community, offering a fresh and enjoyable take on the Metroidvania genre. We’re truly grateful for ID@Xbox’s support, as it allows us indie developers to share our passion with the world.” 

InKonbini by Nagai Industries (Japan)

Nagai Industries is crafting a wonderful slice-of-life narrative title that places you in the shoes of a small-town convenience worker in 1990s Japan. Stock goods, manage deliveries, and enjoy the tranquil, heart-warming stories you’ll uncover each day. InKonbini is set to release in early 2025.  

“When you’re an independent developer, your marketing resources are extremely limited, and finding a platform that enables efficient communication with the world of gaming media can be crucial,” says Dima Shen, Founder of Nagai Industries. “We at Nagai Industries have been extremely fortunate to join the selected group of developers allowed to present their projects at ID@Xbox and to have a chance of reaching a wider audience than we have ever aspired to. Not only that, but the way this initiative is designed and handled makes you feel at home right away, and this friendly attitude of everyone involved is what makes it a unique, memorable and an overall positive experience.” 

Brocula by Destroyer Doggo (India)

In Brocula, you’ll take on the role of a vampire awoken from a 500 year snooze with a mild problem – the world has changed entirely. You’ll navigate the daunting maze of capitalism to earn your way, and reap the fund to restore your ancestral caste, which is now owned by the town’s major. You can also start a cult! More details on Brocula are coming soon. 

“As a solo dev it is hard to manage different parts of the game dev cycle. The number of resources shared via ID@Xbox online sessions and webinars is just amazing,” says Prateek Jadhwani, Founder of Destroyer Doggo. “It gives you a new perspective on how much people are working (from the ID@Xbox team) in the background to make your game a success, whether it be in terms of helping you with marketing, development related queries or even helping new developers like me talk to studios who have launched successful titles. I am glad to be a partner at ID@Xbox. Thank you ID@Xbox team for all the help and support!”

Go-Go Town by Prideful Sloth (Australia)

Go-Go Town is a quirky, co-op city builder where you’ll take on the role as mayor of a rundown town. Team up with friends to build new shops and businesses, hire staff, but be prepared to take on a number of unpredictable catastrophes along the way. 

“We’re grateful for the opportunities and support ID@Xbox provides to developers around the world,” says Joel Styles, Co-Founder and Director of Prideful Sloth.  “Their recent digital showcase and GDC showcase events both allowed us to demonstrate Go-Go Town! to the press and public, letting us share our game alongside other amazing indie titles from around the world. These experiences not only help in getting our game noticed but also allow us to connect more deeply with the Xbox community and media. Big thanks to ID@Xbox for their support and love of indies!”

Still Wakes The Deep by The Chinese Room (UK)

Horror meets the harsh tides of Scotland in Still Wakes the Deep, a first-person narrative adventure that sees you navigating a collapsing oil rig. Here, you’ll battle with reality and unforeseen carnage as you attempt to save your crew from the depths of the freezing, dark North Sea. The title is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass on June 18.

“As creators, we want as many people as possible to play and complete our game,” says Rob McLachlan, Lead Designer at The Chinese Room. “ID@Xbox has already given us the platform and support to bring Still Wakes the Deep to new audiences, which has meant we could take our time and focus on delivering the exact game we set out to make without compromises.”

Nightscape by Mezan Studios (Qatar)

What happens when the sky loses its light? This is a query that Nightscape protagonist Layla asks, as she embarks on an enchanting journey to restore the stars. Layla will encounter puzzles and mysterious creatures as she explores a damaged, but atmospheric setting as she explores an ancient Arabian world.

“Our vision is to establish ourselves as a leading force in the game development landscape of the MENA region,” says Hamad K, Creative Director at Mezan Studios. “This ambition wouldn’t have been attainable without the invaluable trust and support extended by the remarkable team at ID@Xbox.

“Their genuine understanding of our objectives and empathetic engagement has been pivotal. Working with the Global Expansion Team not only facilitated our selection at Tribeca but also unlocked funding, mentorship opportunities, enhanced our credibility, and significantly boosted visibility for our debut project, Nightscape, which is currently under development. We are immensely excited and thankful to be on this transformative journey. Special shoutout to Chloé Giusti and Temi Afolabi who have been instrumental in getting us this far!”

Jump Ship by Keepsake Games (Sweden)

Take to the cosmos in Jump Ship, a mission-based PvE FPS where you’re in charge of your own spaceship. Spend time on the ship and get stuck into space battles or find a planet to land on and explore for those much-needed upgrades. 

ID@Xbox gave us the opportunity to fully reveal our debut game,” says Filip Coulianos, Game Director at Keepsake Games. “We’re grateful that Xbox allowed us to showcase Jump Ship alongside other great indie titles, and cannot wait to reveal more as we approach the release.”

Botany Manor by Balloon Studios (UK)

Botany Manor is a serene puzzle game that already bloomed into Xbox Series X|S earlier this week. Spend your days on the estate of retired botanist Arabella Greene and her vast collection of rare and interesting plants. To restore the grounds to their former glory, you’ll need to uncover notes and items scattered around the grounds for tips and clues that’ll help you bring these long-forgotten plants to life again. A perfect game for green thumbs. 

“For me personally, ID@Xbox gave me a huge confidence boost as creative director on Botany Manor,” says Laure De Mey, Founder of Balloon Studios. “Being part of Game Pass, being included in showcases and having Xbox’s continuous support felt incredibly validating, and allowed me to really believe in the core vision of the game.” 

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