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Gaming is awesome and so are the majority of people within the community. They are capable of astonishing feats of creativity, just like this one from an enthusiastic person going by YveltalGriffin who has taken a working PS1 and turned it into a stylish portable console.

“This is an old-school portable with lots of hot glue. “ said YveltalGriffin on the BitBuilt forums.

The coolest aspect of this build is that it runs on original PS1 hardware rather than just using emulation to run old games on new machinery. To do it, YveltalGriffin took the original PU-18 PS1 motherboard and massacred it so that it could be cut in half, folded and then rewired.

YveltalGriffin then encased the whole thing in a printed case, along with a very stylish strap, then packed in some “beefy” speakers and a  5″ 640×480 screen.

Of course, running discs was always going to be a problem so Griffin also put in a Xstation ODE so that games can be run straight from an SD card.

All of it is powered by a battery that provides about 2.5 hours of charge.

Griffin is humble though, and does point out that it has a few drawbacks. “No heatsinks, so it gets nice and toasty after a while” Griffin writes, also noting that it doesn’t have volume controls. There’s also no analogue sticks, meaning a couple of PS1 games work.

Griffin also linked to a fascinating worklog in case you want to see exactly how this feat of brilliance was achieved. In theory, you could get a hold of the pieces and recreate the build by following Griffin’s worklog

Congrats Griffin, it’s a gorgeous piece of kit.

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