Shadow’s Belethor’s General Goods – 4-way Patch at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

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Builds upon the amazing work done by Czasior, Patching HS Belethor’s General Goods to work with The JK’s Interiors of EEKS Whiterun – Distinct Interiors

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One more for Belethor’s shop before I move on to other interiors. This one wasn’t as hard to make but it felt more tedious for sure, lot of small things that needed to be moved. Due to this I may have missed something so let me know, I’ve done a few walkthroughs and saw nothing but ya never know.

With this patch I disabled a good bit of HS’ interior additions though a kept more than I did with the Arcadia’s Cauldron patch, since the buildings layout hasn’t been changed it’s far more compatible. Most of the things I kept are upstairs though I did keep a handful of little things in the shop area as well. Of course I mainly made this because I wanted the exterior balcony from HS’ mod so that whole area has been made accessible and navmeshed so that NPC’s can use the door.

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I don’t use Sounds of Skyrim so let me know if it needs any additional patching and can’t say for sure where it needs to be in your LO. If all else fails move it to the very bottom and let me know if it needs further patching.

Big thanks to Jkrojmal, Hylios Sykes, EvilEyeKyo, and Czasior for their amazing work.

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