This is what your PC looked like when Fallout first came out and it was wonderful and terrible at the same time

With everyone going stark raving over Amazon’s new TeeVee adaption of Fallout,  a pertinent question arises. Just how proto-industrial was the PC back when the OG Fallout game launched in 1997? After all, we’re talking glass-tube CRT screens, ribbon IDE cables and less processing power than your bank card, right, something barely better than the monochromatic, diegetic Pip-Boy wrist computer from the game itself?  

Pretty much. The minimum requirements for Fallout from 1997 make for fun reading. We’re talking 16MB (yes, MB not GB) of RAM, an Intel Pentium CPU and 1MB of video memory, plus a screen capable of 640 by 480 pixels and a glorious palette of 256 colours.

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