Destroy friendships as Pummel Party releases on Xbox and PlayStation

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Pummel Party is now on Xbox and PlayStation

Since launch on PC in 2018, Pummel Party from Rebuilt Games has picked up some serious acclaim. It’s now time to translate that success to console – with release on Xbox and PlayStation. 

Get ready to Pummel Party!

Pummel Party is a 4-8 player party game. As the name suggests, youre ultimate goal in this one is to pummel your mates, destroying friendships as you go. You’ll get to do so across online and local variants, throwin in AI if need be. 

Releasing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today, as well as PlayStation, if you’re looking for a new game that you can stick on that party rotation, this is probably it. The ‘Very Positive’ reviews that have been gathered on PC are testament to that. But we’d also point to the minigame fun that is included too. 

Key features

In fact, drop in to Pummel Party on Xbox or PlayStation and the multitude of key features in house should well sell a purchase…

  • ONLINE AND LOCAL MULTIPLAYER – Play how you want. Pummel Party allows 1 to 8 players to compete both online or locally on the same screen. Whether it’s online, or in person, it’s all the same friendship ruining fun.
  • BOARD MODE – There can only be one winner here, and you know it has to be you! Battle through hazardous terrain to acquire an arsenal of weapons and items and employ them however you can to make sure that you reign victorious over your friends.
  • ITEMS – It’s all out war! Use an array of absurd weapons and objects to claw your way to victory. From the simple ‘Punching Glove’ to the ridiculous ‘Remote Controlled Eggplant’ the items in Pummel Party will lead to many funny and rage inducing moments. It’s never been easier or more satisfying to crush your friends aspirations of winning
  • MINIGAMES – From simple nostalgic fun to unique and evolutionary Pummel Party contains a wide array of exciting minigames. Knock your friends in to the abyss in ‘Snowy Spin’, dig three dimensionally in ‘Sandy Search’ to be the first to find the treasure and make sure you’re not holding the bomb when it goes off in ‘Explosive Exchange’.
  • MINIGAME MODE – Just want to jump in to the action? Pummel Party includes a minigame mode so that you can get straight to the games!
  • BOTS – Already destroyed all your friendships or just need to fill out your roster? Pummel Party includes full bot integration meaning you can still play or practice Pummel Party with any number of real players.

Buy now and pummel your friends

If a bit of pummel partying is on the agenda, grab a download of Pummel Party from the Xbox Store for £11.99. You can then play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. You’ll find similar over at the PlayStation Store. And of course, that Steam download is willing and able if required. 

Pummel Party Xbox Description

Pummel Party is a 4-8 player online and local-multiplayer party game. Pummel friends or AI using a wide array of absurd items in the board mode and compete to destroy friendships in the entertaining collection of minigames.

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