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About this mod

With this mod, you can now work for Moriarty to get some sorely-needed caps for your survival in the Wastes.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to work in Moriarty’s Saloon for 8 in-game hours. Your pay is fixed at 40 caps each time you work for him. There is no cooldown or timeout for working in the saloon, so either practise self-control or go nuts.

I have two other mods in which you can work for people. One as a doctor in clinics across the Capital Wasteland, and the other in the Water Treatment Plant to help Walter with the water purifier. Both of these lean into needing to spec your character into Medicine and Repair respectively to get the most out of the mods. This mod is intended to be the generic, minimum wage option for an unspecialised Lone Wanderer who has just come fresh out of the Vault.

The option to work in the saloon only becomes available once you find out that Dad went to Galaxy News Radio.

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