Best power banks for iPhone 2024

In this list of the best power banks for iPhone, we dive into a wide selection of portable chargers for every scenario. Whether you’re looking for high capacity, a fast charging, budget prices, or built-in cables, we’ve got the portable powerhouse for you.

If you’re looking to juice something that isn’t an iPhone, don’t worry, we’ve also got you covered there. With our guides to the best power banks for all devices and the best wireless chargers, you can travel in style knowing that you can communicate – and more importantly, play Candy Crush – wherever you end up.

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Best power banks for iPhone 2024

imuto 100W Power Bank

The best iPhone power bank overall

imuto 100W Power Bank specifications:

Capacity 26,800mAh
Ports Two type-C ports and two USB-A ports
Wireless charging? No
Reasons to buy

  • Four charging ports
  • Fast charging
  • Long battery life

While there are plenty of options across the web, the imuto 100W Power Bank is a clear choice for the best iPhone power bank overall. It has fast charging, four ports for simultaneous boosts, and you can always keep an eye on how much juice you have left thanks to the digital display clearly detailing the percentage.

The imuto 100W Power Bank is so powerful, it only just falls under the legal limit for what you can take in your hand luggage if traveling by air, but you’re going to want to take it on with you. This thing fully charges an iPhone in less than two hours, with enough juice left to boost your Nintendo Switch, laptop, or whatever technology you need to keep you busy through a long journey without mains power.

The imuto returns to full capabilities with just 90 minutes to powering up, providing further charging for your other devices for hours at a time before it needs a boost itself. Better still, this device supports pass-through charging, so you can also use the imuto as a multi-USB charger to save yourself some hand luggage space on long trips.

With all that said, it’s quite difficult to point to a downside to the imuto 100W Power Bank. However, some have reported problems with the quality of the build and that it can crack quite easily, so if you’re looking for something incredibly durable, you might need something with fewer frills and a sturdier casing. Fortunately, we have some more durable options further down this page.

Anker 313 Power Bank

The best budget iPhone power bank

Anker 313 Power Bank specifications:

Capacity 10,000mAh
Ports One USB-A output / one USB-C and one USB-A input
Wireless charging? No
Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Slimline and lightweight
  • Fast charging capacity
Reasons to avoid

  • No wireless charging
  • Only capable of charging one device at a time

Anker produces plenty of power banks for all devices, but if you’re looking blast of power on a budget the Anker 313 is a great option. Despite the low price, this device has a sleek lightweight design, and you don’t have to worry about dropping it either, thanks to some impressive scratch resistance and durability.

It has a 10,000 mAh capacity, along with some pretty impressive charging speeds, making it a great option if you need a little boost while on the go. Unfortunately, the USB-C port is input only, meaning that you need a USB-A to lightning or USB-C cable in order to charge your iPhone (depending on model), but the option of USB-C or micro-USB when recharging the power bank is welcome.

The PowerCore Slim boasts an LED power indicator, which displays both the remaining power and charging status, as well as trickle-charging mode, designed to provide optimized charging to low-power devices such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more. In short, that means it helps protect battery health on these devices, which means they last longer.

On the downside, the aforementioned solo USB-A output is quite limiting, and also means that you can only charge one device at a time. Additionally, it doesn’t support wireless charging, so it’s clunky cables or nothing. But if you’re willing to overlook these negatives, it’s an overall solid little piece of kit, capable of provided a much-needed boost of power in a small package and at a small price.

Anker 622 Wireless Power Bank

The best wireless iPhone power bank

Anker 622 Wireless Power Bank specifications:

Capacity 5,000 mAh
Ports One USB-C (input and output)
Wireless charging? Yes
Reasons to buy

  • Supports MagSafe wireless charging
  • Sleek, slimline design
  • Built-in kickstand
Reasons to avoid

  • No wired fast-charging
  • Expensive
  • Low capacity

The Anker 622 Wireless Power Bank allows you to leave behind all those cumbersome cables. This sleek, lightweight wireless charger utilizes magnetic fast charging technology, working seamlessly with MagSafe compatible devices – so that means if you’ve got an iPhone 12 or newer, this little beauty will work for you.

Its super strong and snappy magnets keep your phone in place as it charges, and the neat, built-in kick stand holds your phone up as it charges, allowing you to conveniently watch videos or browse as you top up your battery. On top of that, it features a USB-C port at the bottom that supports both input and output, meaning you’re not tied to wireless charging alone. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your phone case and personal preference.

On the downside, its 5,000 mAh capacity is pretty low, with it only providing about 0.8 full iPhone 13 battery charges, and 0.95 iPhone 12 charges. Additionally, its USB-C wired output doesn’t support fast charging, and the power bank can’t charge two devices at once. These points, combined with its steep price, can be a little off-putting if you’re looking for real value for money.

However, if you’re simply looking for a sleek and convenient wired charger to top you up when you’re on the go, you should definitely consider this one.

Sunnybag Leaf Mini

The best solar-powered iPhone power bank

Sunnybag Leaf Mini specifications:

Power 5 watts
Ports One USB-A (output)
Reasons to buy

  • Lightweight design
  • Water-repellent and scratch-resistant
  • Eco-friendly and great for emergencies when travelling
Reasons to avoid

  • Relies entirely on solar energy
  • Only one USB-A output port

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option or simply want a back-up option in case of an emergency, you should take a look at the Sunnybag Leaf Mini. This neat portable solar charger is ultra-light, making a great option when you’re out hiking or charging in the great outdoors – as long as you’re in an area that gets enough sun, of course!

It’s a compact but powerful 5W solar charger with a USB output, using its SUNPOWER solar cells to top up your device of choice. It’s also water-repellent and scratch-resistant, so you can feel safe taking it with you when you’re on your next adventure.

It comes with a Power Indication Color system that shows the current output power and helps you align the solar panels perfectly towards the sun for maximum energy yield, and also features a built-in auto-restart function, meaning that you can charge your smartphones and Apple devices without interruption as you move from shaded to sunny areas. Its design is also pretty convenient for a solar-powered bank, making it easy to attach to your bag or luggage while on the go.

On the other hand, the Leaf Mini still has the drawbacks you’d expect from a solar-powered device. Despite its razor-thin, feather-light design, it has a large surface area, and is reliant on solar rays. It can also be pretty slow to charge depending on how much power it’s soaking up. On top of that, unlike some other solar devices, you can’t manually charge it at all, and its solo output port means you can only charge on device at a time. It’s also a bit pricey compared to traditional power banks, but that, once again, is the norm for solar-powered options.

However, this is still a solid choice in this category, and is a brilliant piece of kit to bring with you on the trail or in case you need an emergency back-up.

Anker Prime Power Bank 24,000 mAh

The best iPhone power bank for fast charging

Anker Prime Power Bank 24,000 mAh specifications:

Capacity 24,000 mAh
Ports Two USB-C and one USB-A
Wireless charging? No
Reasons to buy

  • Fast charging
  • Can charge up to three devices simultaneously
  • High capacity
  • Offers smart detection and real-time insights
Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive
  • Bulky and clunky design

If you need to rely on fast charging from a power bank, the Anker Prime is the way to go. This thing can charge a modern MacBook to 50% in just forty minutes and gets the job done with an iPhone even quicker, providing multiple full charges before running flat.

Unlike the budget Anker options, this device has multiple outputs and allows you to charge up to three devices at once, offering two 140w USB-C charging ports and a classic USB port from one hub. This usability makes it perfect for traveling workers, with the option to charge your iPhone, laptop, and USB headphones simultaneously.

On top of all of that, the Anker Prime displays real-time insights with intelligent detection, including power levels per port, estimated full charge times, and live power bank temperatures.

The only real downside here is the high price and its somewhat clunky design. However, considering the amount of juice this bad boy’s got, it’s still quite compact. So, if you’re willing to put down the cash, there are very few power banks that can compete with the Anker Prime.

The best mini power bank for iPhone

Charmast Mini Power Bank specifications:

Capacity 5,000 mAh
Ports One USB-C output and one USB-C input or one lightning connector output and one USB-C input
Wireless charging? No
Reasons to buy

  • Compact
  • Built-in connector
  • Available in multiple colors
Reasons to avoid

  • Adds bulk to the end of your phone
  • Tied to either USB-C or lightning connector
  • Low capacity for the price

If a compact power bank is what you’re looking for, you won’t find many smaller than the Charmast Mini. This teeny tiny charger clicks right into your port and sits against the bottom of your phone, meaning there are no cables or extra bits to hold.

You can choose between a lightning connection for older models or USB-C for the new iPhone 15 range, and at 5,000mAh, it’s got enough charge to juice your phone up after a day of normal use – though the capacity is on the low side compared to other portable chargers in this price bracket. It also comes in a range of colors, so you can choose one to match your phone case or personal style.

On the downside, you are restricted by the connector – if you purchase the lightning version, you can only charge lightning-compatible devices, and same for the USB-C version. It also adds quite a bit of bulk to the end of your phone, which may make it uncomfortable if you’re holding you phone in landscape, and could lead to durability issues with the connector over time. However, if you want a compact blast of power in a convenient and portable package, this is a great option.

Miisso Ultra Slim Power Bank

The best slim power bank with built-in cables

Miisso Ultra Slim Power Bank specifications:

Capacity 6,000 mAh
Ports One USB-C output cable, one lightning output cable, one USB-C input, one micro-USB input, and one USB-A output
Reasons to buy

  • Super slim and compact
  • Two built-in cables (lightning and USB-C)
  • Can charge multiple devices at once
  • Nice range of colors
Reasons to avoid

  • Limited 6,000 mAh capacity

The Miisso Ultra Slim Power bank is a compact, convenient, and attractive piece of kit. Sitting at around the same size as a credit card (albeit a little thicker), it’s small, sleek, and comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand. It’s available in a range of fashion colors, and has a clean LED light around the power button to indicate whether the bank is off or on.

It also comes with the added bonus of two built-in cables (one USB-C and one lightning) that neatly tuck into the sides of the bank, meaning you can charge your iPhone along with a second device without having to carry around any additional cables. Plus, should you fancy plugging in a third device, it does also come with a USB output port.

Being able to charge up to three devices simultaneously is a pretty impressive feat for such a small bank. However, this convenience is limited by its 6000 mAh capacity, which can only really offer around 1-1.5 full iPhone charges depending on the model. But, if you’re looking for a no-fuss, slimline power bank that can give your iPhone and other devices a little extra juice while out and about, this is a great choice.

Idealforce 5000mAh battery case for iPhone 15

The best iPhone battery case

Idealforce 5000mAh battery case for iPhone 15 specifications:

Capacity 5,000 mAh
Ports One USB-C input and one USB-C output
Reasons to buy

  • Compact, two-in-one case and charger for iPhone 15
  • No cables
  • Decent protection for your phone
  • Affordable
Reasons to avoid

  • A bit bulky
  • Limited availability and colors
  • Only compatible with certain iPhone 15 models
  • Limited 5,000 mAh capacity

If you’re looking for a simple way to protect and charge your iPhone 15 with no extra fuss, then this Idealforce battery case may be just the ticket. This slim, pocketable portable charger-case hybrid not only boasts raised, soft edges and cushioned corners to keep your phone safe from drops and bumps, it also houses a 5,000 mAh battery to keep your phone topped up on the go.

It’s pretty simple to use and requires no extra cables – just slot your iPhone 15 into the case, and off you go – essentially extending your phone’s battery capacity by an additional 5,000 mAh.

This battery case claims to have multiple security protection to avoid issues, such as temperature, overvoltage, charging, and power protection. However, we advise against using this as your daily case – it’s more of a nifty little device you can use if you know you’re going to be out and using your phone a lot over the course of the day.

The Idealforce battery case only comes in black, and is currently only available at Walmart for iPhone 15 models, so its availability is a little limited. It does also add some extra bulk and weight to your phone, and, of course, you can only use it to charge one device at a time. But, it’s an overall neat gadget that serves multiple purposes for a small price.

Zagg Mophie Essentials Powerstation 20k

The best jack-of-all-trades iPhone power bank

Zagg Mophie Essentials Powerstation 20k specifications:

Capacity 20,000 mAh
Ports One USB-C input/output and two USB-A output
Wireless charging? No
Reasons to buy

  • Charge multiple devices at once
  • Relatively slim design
  • Large capacity at an affordable price
Reasons to avoid

  • No wireless charging
  • Only one USB-C port means limited fast charging

Charge up your phone, e-reader, and wireless headphones all at once with the Zagg Mophie Essentials Powerstation. The 20k model holds enough juice to charge your smartphone four times over, or charge three of your devices simultaneously, whichever you’d prefer.

The USB-C port functions both as a fast charging port for your tech but it’s also the power bank’s input port, meaning you can fully restock on portable power in record time thanks to fast charging technology. Zagg also offers a two-year warranty on its products, so you’re covered if something goes awry.

Unfortunately, the Mophie Essentials Powerstation doesn’t offer MagSafe wireless charging, but the plethora of ports and reasonable price make up for it in our eyes.

Nimble Champ Lite

The best lightweight iPhone power bank

Nimble Champ Lite specifications:

Capacity 5,200 mAh
Ports One USB-C (input and output), and one USB-A (output)
Wireless charging? No
Reasons to buy

  • Ultra compact and light
  • Supports fast charging
  • Made from recycled plastics and eco-friendly packaging
  • Supports pass-through charging
Reasons to avoid

  • Limited battery capacity
  • Limited ports

The Nimble Champ Lite truly lives up to its name. Weighing in at around 170g and measuring at 3″ x 2.2″ x 0.99″, it’s smaller than a deck of cards and stands one of the lightest portable chargers on the market.

Despite its small stature, the Champ Lite is designed with 15W USB-C output for Apple and Android high-speed charging compatibility, which, in theory, allows you to charge your device twice as fast. On top of that, it allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, supports pass-through charging (so you can charge the power bank and your device at the same time), and even comes with a 1m USB-A to USB-C cable – which should be standard in our opinion, but you’d be surprised how many of these chargers come with no cables at all.

However, while the fast charging is welcome, the Nimble Champ Lite is somewhat restricted by its 5,200 mAh capacity, which sees it struggle to keep up with its competitors during long journeys. It also only has two ports. But, if the battery capacity and ports are a real sticking point for you, you’ll be glad to know that the Nimble Champ is also available in two other sizes – the medium, which has a 10,000 mAh capacity, and the large, which has a 20,000 mAh capacity – though the extra battery comes at the cost of a slightly larger and heavier piece of kit.

All three versions of the Nimble Champ Series 2 line come with built-in LED lights to indicate the power bank’s remaining power, and they’re made from recycled plastic, saving at least -7.5 lb of CO2 per unit. On top of that, they come in eco-friendly packaging made with biodegradable, recycled scrap paper, and the package includes a mailer bag that you can use to responsibly recycle your old tech gadgets.

How we choose the best power banks for iPhone

When choosing the best power banks for iPhones, we consider several things. Of course, charging capacity is the biggest factor, as it’s not much use having a portable power bank if it can only provide the smallest boost. So, all of the entries on our list are at least reliable in that regard, with each offering something a little different elsewhere. We also refer to our how we test page, which you can check yourself to see what sorts of processes we put devices through.

For this list in particular, we take design and durability into account, as power banks are frequently used for long trips, so we know that you’re often looking for something reliable and lightweight. There are different niches for different types of travelers, though, so while the solar-powered power bank might come in handy for avid adventurers, those who travel for work may instead be looking for something that offers the best charging times.

If you’re thinking of swapping your Apple device for something a little different, see our guides to the best Motorola phones, the best Samsung phones, and the best Xiaomi phones. Or, if you’re trying to decide between an Apple handset and another industry leader, check out our guide to iPhone vs Samsung.

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