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Plugin adds a node based progression system that unlocks through experience gained by killing monsters and playing the game.

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Almanac Classes
Plugin adds a node based progression system that unlocks through experience gained by killing monsters and playing the game.

Unique talent abilities that are either passive or activated spells

Some noteworthy abilities:

– Monkey Wrench – Allows to wield two handed weapons in one hand (only applies to longswords, battleaxes and fireball staff)
– Dual Wield – You can wield different types of weapons together
– Bleeding – Stacked bleeding damaging ability
– Creature Mask – Spawn a friendly creature – Automatically dies after a certain time
– Shaman Heal – Heals nearby players
– Song of Healing – Heals nearby players over time

And many more abilities

Prestige System

Class system has a prestige system. You can prestige after you’ve met the threshold (configurable) and it will increase the effects of all the talents

– Bard
– Shaman
– Sage
– Ranger
– Rogue
– Warrior

Experience system rewards player whenever a creature is killed in the surrounding area. It does not matter who kills creature, all players will be rewarded.
Players also gain experience by:
– Chopping Trees
– Chopping Logs
– Hitting Ore Deposits
– Taming Creatures
– Shooting Arrows
– Picking up Items

Creature reward different experience, you can configure this using the generated YML file found:
– BepinEx/config/AlmanacClasses/Experience/AlmanacExperienceMap.yml

If a creature is not registered to this file, then the experienced gained will be based on the biome the player is in.

Plugin is fully configurable using the cfg file generated in BepinEx/config directory:
– RustyMods.AlmanacClasses.cfg

AlmanacExperienceMap.yml is synced through server for admins to configure.

– Add custom animations

– class_talents
– talents_write
– talents_test
Each command has a help function that details the available tools


0.2.0 – Beta release
0.2.1 – Changed air jump button to get game settings jump button instead of spacebar, fixed some localization
0.2.2 – Almanac can reward class experience
0.2.3 – Spell keys improvement
0.2.4 – Modified Quick Shot to be an increase in percentage of draw speed or reload time (fixed crossbow not being affected) – added config to turn off visual effects for some
0.2.5 – Config cooldowns go up to 1000 and cooldown grayscales icon with radial fill
0.2.6 – Added API for other mods to add experience, Tweaked experience monster kill, duration configs extended
0.2.7 – Added experience orbs and another tweak at making experience share multiplayer
0.2.8 – Shader/Material Fixes
0.2.9 – Added more API functionalities
0.2.10- Updated material replacer
0.2.11- Added Survivor and Battle Fury abilities (alternative for dual wield & monkey wrench)
0.2.12- Fixed Master Chef and tweaked materials of altar
0.3.0 – Battle Fury near range only and fixed quick shot
0.3.1 – Fixed prestige not updating characteristic values
0.3.2 – Updated thunderstore icon

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