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👋Hello everyone! Welcome to our brand new season: The Season of Nesting! A Season where we at last get one of the most wanted places in the game – a space to call our very own!

🌌 Try and get the ultimate rewards: The Carpentry Outfit and Skykid Figurine!

➡️ In this video I will be showing you what the Season of Nesting is, we’ll learn about the Season Pass which allows you to unlock more items, and gives you one daily candle for free and 30 bonus candles once you purchase it. How to get Season Candles daily, information on Seasonal Hearts, a tour of the brand new furniture shop and player housing, purchase Seasonal Cosmetics, and furniture!

❗️Remember that you can find 5 candles per day, and 6 with the Season Pass!

(0:00) Intro
(0:05) Seasonal Cutscene

(1:15) ❓Season Pass Info
(3:55) ❓About Seasonal Currency
(3:55) Season Candle Info
(4:50) Season Heart Info

(7:05) A Look Into The Furniture Shop
(7:30) Where to Find Seasonal Spirits (Showrooms)
(7:45) Rotating Weekly Furniture
(8:30) Nesting Challenge Board
(10:40) A Look Into Our New Homes
(11:00) Permanent Prop Closet
(11:35) Permanent Instrument Stand
(12:10) Permanent Mannequin

✨All Season Pass Items
(12:40) Outfits
(13:10) Neck Accessory
(13:30) Hair
(13:50) Hair Accessory
(14:20) Cape
(15:10) Furniture

(17:55) Where to Purchase Seasonal Cosmetics

🔹Spirit Constellations
(21:00) Showroom Spirit Constellations
🔹Nesting Guide Constellation
(23:45) Nesting Guide

(24:50) Deeper Look Into the Skykid Figurine

🐛(27:30) Bye!!


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Thanks so much for watching everyone!

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