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It feels like my Realm got its first pair of glasses because I can see so far! All servers now have eight extra chunks render distance, which means you can spot danger, opportunity, or an escape route from further away – 20 chunks to be exact! With the horizon all that more alluring, your Realms adventures will feel more immersive and as smooooth as a blocky boat on ice.

Monthly Character Creator items

I’m yet to win a battle purely based on my outfit, but there’s also no such thing as defeat when you already dazzleOn top of the content catalog of 150+ Marketplace Pass packs, your Realms Plus subscription now includes a new set of Character Creator items to claim and keep every month. Whether you want to match that ice cream fort of yours, intimidate the inhabitants of a new survival spawn, or blend in with your surroundings – your wardrobe collection is about to grow.

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