2005 Mobile game ‘Doom RPG’ comes over to the Amiga 1200 and above

Here we are with another special announcement, as if any of you remember the 2005 mobile phone game of ‘Doom RPG’; a game developed by Fountainhead Entertainment combining the Doom first-person shooter franchise with role-playing video game elements. Then as of today you’ll be able to play the first version of Szilárd Biró/BSzili’s port of Doom RPG on your Amiga! Although going by some of the replies on the EAB forums, there’s a few issues that may need ironing out.

And here’s the latest from BSzili via the EAB forums linked here : “This was a quick side project I did to take a break from the daily grind. I have fond memories playing the J2ME version on my Nokia 3110 Classic, so I kept an eye on DoomRPG-RE from Erick194, which this port is based on. Below is not a readme, just some quick info to get you started.


  • – 68020 CPU
  • – RTG (High Color) or AGA chipset
  • – 4 MB Fast RAM
  • – 3 MB free disk space

AGA support:

The game renders in 16-bit color, on AGA this is displayed using the HAM8 mode, where 1 chunky pixel corresponds to 4 HAM pixels. The largest resolution that can be refreshed at a reasonable speed using this method is 160×128, which becomes a 640×128 native screen. Kickstart 3.1 is recommended for its Super-Lores mode that fits this resolution well. The processor speed has no significant impact on this, the main limitation is Chip RAM bandwidth.

With RTG resolutions up to 800×600 are supported provided the graphics card supports high color (15-bit of better) screen modes.


Most settings like the resolution or fullscreen only takes effect after you restart the game. If you messed up and the game won’t start, just delete the Config file. The floor/ceiling textures can be toggled on the fly, switching them off can make the graphics more readable at lower resolutions.


Both AHI and Paula are supported. For AHI it’ll use the Music Unit, if that’s set to a Paula mode or AHI isn’t available it’ll fall back to using audio.device. The original game had no in-game music, just a couple MIDI files for the menu and intermission screens. I didn’t bother implementing this.


You can check and customize the controls in the “Options / Input / Bindings” menu. Keyboard and lowlevel.library compatible CD32 pads are supported. Ignore all the in-game hints and help regarding which button does what, those were written for the original mobile game and don’t apply.

Game data:

Doom RPG is abandonware, so for now I put it on my website. This is temporary until I obtain the sources for BarToZip. The game was published by JAMDAT – now EA Mobile, and I’d rather not push my luck. Just copy into the game’s drawer next to the executable, do not extract it. As always the sources will be published once everything is cleaned up and the game is on Aminet.

Main Game: (Right click save link as)

The Amiga port: (Right click save link as)

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