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Rumours have been swirling about the Gears of War franchise finally making its comeback for months now, but actor Liam McIntyre, who plays JD Fenix in Gears 4 and Gears 5, may have given us the most solid hint to date.


At the end of Gears 5 players are forced into a scenario where they have to save either JD Fenix or Del Walker, with the other one being left to die. It was a surprising moment, mostly because it means Gears 6 has to either pick a canon ending, thus making your choice potentially meaningless, or has two have two versions of the campaign: one with JD alive, and one with Del alive.

Recently on X, a user asked Liam McIntyre if JD’s death is considered canon or not. McIntyre replied that he didn’t know. More importantly, he also said: “I think @GearsofWar tells us all in June. :)”.

June is the time when Microsoft usually holds its annual Summer showcase of games, and recent rumours have suggested that the event will indeed be happening again in June this year. Of course, McIntyre could just be making an educated guess.

June is also the same time insiders have pointed at for a Gears of War reveal.

The franchise has been dormant since 2020 where we got the Hivebusters expansion and the fantastic Gears Tactics. Considering that the Gears series is one of the most famous for the Xbox brand, it’s surprising that developer The Coalition has been so quiet.

By the time June rolls around, it will have been almost 5 years since Gears 5 launched, which is plenty of time for The Coalition to have been cooking up something special in the Unreal 5 engine. I’ve got my fingers crossed that McIntyre isn’t just spouting nonsense because Gears is one of my favourite franchises, and I can’t wait to see what Gears 6 may hold.

In the meantime, might I recommend checking out my ranking of every game in the Gears series to date?

The best Gears of War games, ranked

With the Xbox showcase just hours away, we might get a glimpse into the future of the Gears series. Until then, lets take a look backwards with my ranking of the best Gears of War games, updated to include Gears Tactics.

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