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The Nintendo Switch 2 is all but officially confirmed, at this point Until Nintendo gets around to revealing it though, there have been plenty of people claiming to know something about it. Now, a Chinese company is saying they have firsthand information about the successor to Nintendo’s dominant console/handheld hybrid.

The company in question is Mobapad, a Chinese brand that makes accessories for the Switch, such as third-party Joy-Cons and controllers. This is interesting because a report from Spanish website Vandal was based upon talking to accessory manufacturing companies that allegedly had first-hand experience with Nintendo’s new hardware.

Mobapad also claims to have had access to the new Switch: “In the process of developing the next-generation console controller, Mobapad has also acquired a lot of firsthand information about the Switch 2, and now we’re here to share it with everyone.”

Near the end of the blog post, Mobapad reiterates its claim to be directly working on the new Switch: “Mobapad is actively developing next-generation console peripherals, aiming to provide customer with better product experiences as soon as possible, while continuing to support product upgrade services.”

This is a surprising claim. While Mobapad may have been given information about Switch 2 in order to produce third-party accessories, they would have been put under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. Breaking that would open Mobapad to potential legal action, or at the very least would ensure Nintendo would never work with them again. It’s unclear why Mobapad would risk pissing Nintendo off. Perhaps they view the potential boost in public interest in their products as a worthwhile tradeoff for the wrath of Nintendo’s legal team.

I’ve reached out to Mobapad about how they came across this information and will update this post should they reply.

The biggest detail Mobapad reports is that the new Joy-Cons boast an extra button on each side to go along with the existing L, ZL, R and ZR. The exact placement is not specified.

“…in addition to the L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons on the sides of the Joy-Con controller, a third button has been added on both the left and right sides.” says the blog post.

Mobapad also agrees with Vandal that the new Joy-Cons will be bigger and attach using magnetic technology. In the blog post, they write: “The new version of Joy-Con has a larger volume, and the sliding rail structure has been changed to magnetic suction. The SL and SR buttons are metal buttons. Magnetic suction is achieved through electromagnetic suction technology, controlled by electric current.”

However, they disagree with Vandal’s report that the new Switch will not support the original Joy-Cons. According to Mobapad, the new console will still work existing Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers, and will still use ALPS Dual-axis linear motors.

This could mean original Joy-Cons can be connected wireless to act as extra controllers but won’t connect physically. That seems to be what Mobapad themselves believe, because replying to a Facebook user who asked for more details, they stated that: “…my understanding is that the original joy-cons can still be used, but they cannot be plugged into the Switch2 console.”

Another “function button” is claimed to be below the Home button on the right Joy-Con, too. Mobapad are sure what this is for though.

Mobapad says that the Switch 2 cartridge slot will accept original Switch cartridges as well, meaning you can play your old games on the new machine. Again, this matches up with various other reports, including Vandal’s.

Based on various reports it looks like the Switch 2 won’t be launched until 2025, supposedly because Nintendo want to create a stronger lineup of games to go alongside it. Nintendo has a shareholder meeting coming up on May 7, sparking hope that Nintendo may at least allude to their new console to help keep shareholder interest high.

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