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Operation: Banished Honor is live!

Halo Infinite’s latest content update brings with it new features, new customization rewards in a free Operation Pass, sandbox tuning adjustments, additional Forge palettes, and more.

Let’s get you the full debrief on all the new content.



  • UPDATE OVERVIEW: Catch up on our latest community livestream for an overview of what’s coming when Operation: Banished Honor arrives.
  • THE EXCHANGE: Take a deep dive into the new shop where customization items from the past return and can be purchased with free Spartan Points.
  • SANDBOX OVERVIEW: Get the full debrief on the latest sandbox balance changes and mode updates coming in Operation: Banished Honor.
  • FORGE OVERVIEW: Explore the new Flood and Alien World-themed object palettes coming to Forge, alongside additional updates.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Feast your eyes on the Banished-themed armor coming with a free new Operation Pass and further customization updates.


Halo Infinite image of five Spartans in a V formation wearing armor coming in the upcoming Operations

Join the Banished. In Operation: Banished Honor, liberate yourself through the teachings of Atriox and claim your spoils.

Operation: Banished Honor runs from April 30 to June 4 and features a free Operation Pass containing 20 tiers of customization rewards and Spartan Points.

Progress your Operation Pass with Match XP and Challenge completions, and unlock new armor, a new visor and emblem, and Spartan Points to spend in the Exchange.

Halo Infinite image of the Banished Honor Operation Pass's Champion armor set surrounded by Spartan Point coins

Additional premium options for the Operation Pass include:

  • 500 credits will make the Operation Pass durable (it will not expire), offers bonus XP during the Operation’s live window, an extra Challenge slot while your pass is equipped, and comes with an exclusive customization item.
  • 2,000 credits instantly unlocks all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass at purchase and includes the exclusive bonus customization item.

Upgrade to the Premium Pass to obtain the Fuego Flame armor coating and strike fear into the hearts of all who would oppose you.

Halo Infinite image of the Banished Honor Premium Pass switcher

*NOTE: The Banished Honor trailer and promotional images depict the Datacore Administrator visor as a reward in this Operation Pass. The Datacore Administrator visor is part of the Facing Firewall bundle while the free Banished Honor Operation Pass includes the Essence Decompilation visor.

Halo Infinite image of the Essence Decompilation visor from the Banished Honor Operation Pass


Halo Infinite screenshot of The Exchange

Missed out on previous customization rewards? Enter The Exchange.

The Exchange is a brand-new shop rotating each Operation which contains free content from the past that players may have originally missed out on (along with some new items as well). This includes rewards that were originally tied to Halo Infinite’s free Event tracks, special limited-time login bonuses, past Twitch drops, and partner promotional items.

Items are purchased with Spartan Points—a free currency that is earned through three primary ways:

  • Completing your first Daily Challenge will award 250 SP (rather than XP).
  • Completing the weekly Ultimate Reward will award 1,000 SP (instead of a misc. customization item).
  • Operations Reward tracks will offer up to 15,000 SP (replacing misc. other rewards).
Halo Infinite screenshot of The Exchange

When The Exchange refreshes, items will not be “going away,” removing the chance to get them—they will still be available to purchase with Spartan Points through the customization menus (much like bundles once they have rotated out of the Shop).

We’ll be keeping a close eye on community feedback and in-game metrics, so please share your thoughts once you have a chance to try out the Exchange!


This Halo Infinite update brings with it some new toys for you to play with in Forge.

The parasite has come to Forge…

The Flood palette contains over 100 new objects that will help Forgers to transform their maps into festering hives, enabling players to recreate places from the past (this’ll pair quite nicely with the Covenant object palette for, say, a Flood-infested High Charity) or wholly new locations that have become twisted blightlands.


The galaxy is a vast place filled with worlds of alien wonder and beauty.

With the Alien World object palette, composed of over 150 new objects, players can enhance the visual diversity of their maps’ environments with distinctly alien-themed plants, trees, flowers, and even ancient stone structures.

Alongside these new palettes, Forge has also received some additional updates to enhance scripting and object options.


Halo Infinite screenshot of a Spartan after firing an overcharged Plasma Pistol

Halo Infinite’s sandbox is getting some tuning updates based on community feedback and overall player usage.

The return of the king! We’ve heard your feedback, desiring the Plasma Pistol’s ability to temporarily EMP (“Oh, you mean an emp!”) vehicles with its overcharged bolt, and we are giving you just that.

  • Restored EMP functionality on vehicles.

We know the rapid-fire functionality feels great and is core to the identity of the weapon, but we wanted to address player feedback on the time-to-kill when on the receiving end of a Sidekick encounter.

  • Rounds per second decreased 6.6 >> 5.6

A common theme in feedback from the community has been that the sniper’s ready-up time after being picked up felt a tad too lengthy. To help the sniper feel snappier, we wanted to address this by decreasing its ready-up time. We hope this will allow for more sniper highlights that we can’t wait to watch.

  • Ready initial playback speed scale 1 >> 1.2 (shorter ready-up time).
Halo Infinite screenshot of a Spartan in Banished-themed armor

The Cindershot is a fun and powerful weapon to use, but we acknowledge it can be frustrating to be redirected by the impulse of the explosion. To eliminate that frustration and address player feedback, we eliminated the gravity effect that would pull players around and slightly reduced the rate of fire. We hope this will improve both sides of the combat experience while still maintaining the Cindershot’s effectiveness as a power weapon.

  • Remove inverted impulse effect.
  • Rounds per second decreased 1.33 >> 1.1

We felt the range in which the Gravity Hammer can fully eliminate an enemy was too far, so we wanted to address this in the slightest of ways.

  • Slight decrease of elimination range.
  • Radius low 1.25 >> 1.75
  • Radius high 2 >> 2.5

Spike Grenades have been underperforming in the core gameplay loop, and we felt a change in detonation behavior may improve its viability. The first step we took was to ensure the Spike Grenade reached its intended target by preventing its detonation midair. Additionally, once the Spike Grenade does reach its intended target it will detonate more quickly—similar to other grenades in the sandbox.

  • Detonation timer starts changed from immediately >> when at rest.
  • Timer decreased (low & high) 1.8 >> 1.2 seconds.


Halo Infinite image of BTB Heavies showing a Scorpion and Wraith firing

Back in February, the Big Team Battle playlist was refreshed with some amazing new community maps. After that update, many asked to see those maps expand to other BTB offerings, and we’re pleased to confirm that the next time you see BTB Heavies (later this Operation), the map pool will have increased as we’re adding all the BTB refresh maps! You’ll be able to experience:

Expect more chaos thanks to increased vehicular carnage and heavy weapon spawns.

Additionally, the fan-favorite One Flag CTF mode has been added to Heavies so you’ll be able to play tug of war while you try to capture the flag.

The fun will arrive during Operation: Banished Honor so get those reflexes primed and ready to jump into the fray!


Spartans have often been thought of as incorruptible symbols of virtue, but that’s just the official story. Some names are known as examples of Spartans having gone rogue, pledging themselves to a variety of causes, and one former-Spartan in particular finds herself on a new path altogether…

Set in the immediate aftermath of the Hunt the Truth audio drama, our next Waypoint Chronicle drops out of slipspace next week where it will be available here on Halo Waypoint, as a free downloadable PDF, and in audiobook format on YouTube.


Halo Infinite image of three Spartans clad in customization content from upcoming Operations

This update is just the beginning, there’s still more to come on the horizon—further Operations and the highly anticipated Match Composer functionality are on the way.


Tenrai will return with new customization rewards in a free Operation Pass, a Tenrai-themed refresh of the Exchange, and new Shop bundles.

JULY 2-30

New Mark IV-themed armor pieces are accompanied by an Exchange refresh full of tactical gear from the past and more!

Play what you want, whenever you want! Jump into matchmaking and choose your preferred modes to customize your online experience with Halo Infinite’s new Match Composer functionality.


Halo Infinite image of the Paths to Dominance bundle

Head to the Shop and you will find the Path to Dominance bundle, which contains:

  • Tormenter helmet
  • Tormenter’s Kneepads
  • Tormenter’s Mantle shoulders
  • Victory Crest chest attachment
  • Crimson Compliment wrist attachment
  • Fearless Glyphs armor coating
  • Agitator helmet
  • Shock-Treated visor
  • Segmented Pauldron shoulders
  • Agitator Heartplate chest attachment
  • Agitator Belt hip gear
  • Sharp Bracer wrist attachment
  • Kneecapper kneepads
  • Carrion River armor coating
  • Merciless Cutthroat M293 Bandit weapon model
  • Cruel Treatment weapon coating
  • Paths to Dominance Mythic Effects set

And if you’re looking for even more Banished goodness keep your eyes open for the Renegade bundle, dropping later this operation.


You can submit tickets on a wide range of topics that include reports of Audio Issues, Crashes, Game Save Corruption, Report a Player, General Bug Reports, and more.

That’s all for this launch blog, so boot up your Xbox or Steam and get ready to jump into Operation: Banished Honor.

Head into Forge and check out what you can build with the new object palettes; get to grips with the new weapon tuning updates and shut down some vehicles with the plasma pistol’s EMP; start earning some Spartan Points by jumping into matchmaking, and then head to the Exchange to further deck out your Spartan and player ID!

Hunt well, and may you be paid in sport and spoils for the glory of the Banished.


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