Little Kitty, Big City aims to capture all the delightful chaos of being a cat

As much as they’re fluffy and lovable, cats are destructive little creatures. They swan about thinking everything they touch belongs to them and, depending on the owner, it probably does. They’re also beings of causing minor havoc, something that Little Kitty, Big City looks to capture, putting you in control of the feline menace.

The premise is simple. You must guide an obscenely cute black cat with big green eyes back home. But, along the way, you’re encouraged to wander off the beaten path and cause some mischief. Because apparently, getting home safely is grossly overrated.

High jinks of the highest order

So, what havoc can you cause that would likely be considered anti-social if a human did it? In the trailer alone, we see our hero stealing people’s phones, tripping them up, and lying across keyboards to make sending a coherent email impossible. None of which seems as mean-spirited as it should be when the offender has such a loveable face.

Aside from directly inconveniencing people, you can also cause problems for them to deal with later. Whether that’s knocking plant pots off shelves, leaving pawprints all over someone’s artwork, or ruining a grocery store’s fruit selection. Again, unacceptable behavior from a person. And yet, from a cat, it’s that rare combination of cute and funny.

Of course, while cats are notorious for wanton destruction of everything in the near vicinity, they’re just as much of a danger to themselves. That’s also present in Little Kitty, Big City. You might end up bumping into walls or attempting to scale a building far exceeding your climbing ability. It’s a world where getting stuck in a trash can is a very real possibility. 

However, if, for some strange reason, you don’t want to run about being a nuisance, you can be a force for good in Little Kitty, Big City. Throughout your adventure, you will find other animals who need your help. Based on a few screenshots, that appears to include a poor bird that’s managed to get stuck in a laundrette’s washer dryer. So you can always help them out. Or stretch out in the sun and take a nap. 

Can Little Kitty, Big City deliver where Stray somewhat missed the mark?

All of that sounds incredibly wholesome to me, even the ability to irritate the locals. It seems to be latching onto the thing everybody wanted from Stay when it was released a few years ago. While a fine game, it didn’t truly deliver on the whole being a cat fantasy, largely due to the story being a touch too serious and focusing more on humans than felines. 

Meanwhile, Little Kitty, Big City appears to have no intention of being serious.  Most importantly, it puts the cat at the center of the story, where they would obviously want to be. There are humans, sure, but they have blank faces. Why? Because they aren’t as important as the cat! At least, that’s my working theory. 

Little Kitty, Big City will release on near enough everything – sorry, PlayStation fans – on May 9th. You’ll be able to get your feline fix on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

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