Todd Howard reckons he knows why Starfield was so divisive: It was too ‘different than you’ve seen from us in past’

Starfield came out seven months ago and many of us are yet to heal from the discourse. Bethesda’s “dream game” was a polarising thing, earning plaudits from some quarters and a more ambivalent response from others (including, ah, us). But seven months is a lot of time for reflection, and Bethesda boss Todd Howard reckons he knows why the spacey RPG was so divisive: It just wasn’t traditionally Bethesda enough for some people.

Chatting with Kinda Funny, Howard said that many people have a very specific set of expectations when it comes to Bethesda’s games: “We see a lot of players saying ‘This is what I want out of a Bethesda game, which is to explore a world in a certain way, and Starfield didn’t give me that. I prefer the way it’s done in Fallout or Elder Scrolls.'”

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