Impossible Mission Revised – Impossible Mission Revised for the C64, based on the AUS version.

In 1984 Dennis Caswell and published by Epyx released Impossible Mission on the C64. It was and still is an awesome game that had a variety of genres included such as platforming, adventuring and action. Oh and it also had digitized speech which can be heard when you first start the game such as the legendary words ‘ Another visitor, stay awhile, stay forever!’. Now thanks to a heads up by Saberman, you can play the latest revised edition, which has been released for the C64 by Gru.

Posted via the Lemon64 forums, here’s what the creator says about this revised version. “The game had no disk protection, but at least 3 bombs left in the code. It checks if $d024 has $0a, if not hang up. The game does JSR in the CIA register $dd03 where it stores $60 earlier in the code that gets overwritten. Finally, it has an IRQ call to zp just to update the frame counter, which gets overwritten at reset. They all are now removed and the code is made tidier”.

“It is a bold move to start to improve on a perfect computer game, you might think what on earth could be improved. I checked all the ports of the game from YouTube and noticed that on the BBC version screen did shake when the hero fell from high enough down. On the PlayStation version, there was a nice feature where the map marked down which rooms had been emptied by searching. I found also some bugs and places for more polish to make the game even more enjoyable than it was originally”.

“To give more challenge stencils for cutting the puzzle pieces are reworked so the familiar shapes are not 100% the same anymore. Also, the RNG is now handled in a way that every game should be different. I’m personally very happy with how this all turned out to be, I absolutely love this game, and even more now!”

For further details including the changelog visit this link (here), and for the download (here).

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