Rain Games’ Teslagrad Just Got A Price Drop On Android!

Playdigious is selling some of its best games at a discount right now. One of them is Teslagrad. The price of this hand-drawn magnetic puzzle has plummeted from $6.99 to just $0.70! Yeah, you read that right. Interested in learning more about the Teslagrad price drop? Keep reading!

If you’ve been eyeing this game, maybe now’s your chance to try it out. And if you haven’t heard of the game ever, let me give you a quick lowdown on it. It was first launched in 2013 for PC players. Developed by Rain Games, Teslagrad is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer with a dash of action that revolves around magnetism and electromagnetic powers.

What’s The Game Like?

You take on the role of a young lad caught in the midst of a conspiracy involving a tyrannical king and a tower brimming with technological mysteries. The mysterious tower is the Tesla Tower. Your mission is to explore it and unravel all its secrets.

Set in a steampunk-inspired old Europe, Teslagrad has over a hundred meticulously hand-drawn environments. The narrative unfolds without any words or dialogue. It totally relies on wordless puppet shows and still images scattered throughout the tower.

Teslagrad has a captivating narrative and stellar art, it’s true. But it also has a nice gameplay. With objects and characters coloured in red or blue, you’ll manipulate magnetism to overcome obstacles and foes alike. You’ll be scaling walls, traversing chasms and dodging electric hazards to solve the mystery.

The boss fights in the game harken you back to old-school gaming. They mostly test your reflexes and pattern recognition skills to the max. But all in all, it’s a fun and cute game to try out. Especially with the Teslagrad price drop, you ought to try it once! So, go ahead and grab it from the Google Play Store.

With that, it’s a wrap on our Teslagrad price drop story. But do check out our other stories. Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale Lets You Handle Customers Instead Of Swords.

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