Inflation Comes In HOT

A new inflation report comes in hot, devastating Joe Biden’s economic plans; Democrats pin their hopes on abortion; and the White House desperately tries to clamp down on the illegal immigration issue.


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00:00 – Inflation Comes In HOT
4:59 – Summers: Rate Cut In June Would Be An Egregious Error
7:10 – Biden Requires Handler-Prepared Note Cards
9:07 – Biden: Elect Me, I’m In The 20th Century
9:35 – Biden: Republicans Want To Kill Millions By Repealing Obamacare
11:07 – Kamala Word Salad
13:31 – Kamala: This Could Be Our Last Election Ever
16:01 – Whoopi: They Want To Bring Slavery Back
18:53 – Trump: AZ Went Too Far, We’ll Straighten It Out
21:55 – Mika Brzezinski: ‘Do We Need To Hit Rock Bottom?’
22:56 – Hobbs: Abortion Ban Will ‘Motivate Voters’
24:07 – Maggie Haberman: Trump Trying To Have It Both Ways
25:21 – CBP Agents Seizing Enough Fentanyl To Kill Billions
27:56 – NYPD Commissioner On ‘Ghost Criminals’
28:34 – Tester Ad: I Tried To Fight Biden On Border
30:47 – Biden: Maybe I’ll Shut Down The Border
33:01 – Blinken Laments Plight Of Palestinians In Gaza
34:00 – Israeli Airstrike Kills 3 Sons Of Hamas’ Chief Ismail Haniyeh
36:43 – MTG vs Mike Johnson
37:36 – Speaker Mike Johnson Responds
39:04 – FISA Debate
42:54 – Outro

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