King and Balloon – A 1:1 arcade port teased for the Commodore Amiga 500 ( First build available )

This week we’ve been swamped with news, and as I’m now overwhelmed and need a writers break, I thought it would be best to give a final shout out for this addictive yet simplistic little game called ‘King and Balloon’ by RMJ & JoeJoe. A 1:1 arcade port of Namco’s 1980 game for the Commodore Amiga, which was written in 68k assembler and based on the original Z80 code. To coincide with this news, we’ve got a new screenshot of the game as well as some WIP gameplay footage.

Here’s what the wikipedia says about the game. “The player controls two green men with an orange cannon, stationed on the parapet of a castle, that fires at hot-air balloons. Below the cannon, the King moves slowly back and forth on the ground as the balloons return fire and dive toward him. If a balloon reaches the ground, it will sit there until the King walks into it, at which time it lifts off with him. The player must then shoot the balloon to free the King, who will parachute safely to the ground. The cannon is destroyed by collision with balloons or their shots, but is replaced after a brief delay with no effect on the number of remaining lives. One life is lost whenever a balloon carries the King off the top of the screen; the game ends when all lives are lost.


  • Original artwork and SFX
  • Original gameplay including bugs
  • Trainer included (Highscore is disabled when in use)
  • Player controls crossbowman who can be moved from left to right to attack balloons.
  • Balloons attack in squadrons of 42 balloons.
  • Knock out the squadron and a faster moving one appears.
  • Audio and video coincide when king yells “help”. it appears on the monitor.

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