The plague takes hold in Mice Gard on Xbox

Mice Gard
Mice Gard is on Xbox

Gods, warlocks, Norse mythology? What about if we chuck some Viking mice in for good measure? That’s what is on offer in Mice Gard on Xbox. 

Available right now on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is Mice Gard. It’s fully optimised for Series consoles too, which ain’t bad considering the £8.39 price tag. But will this be more Aery – Viking or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

A little mousey world

Dive in to the world of Mice Gard and you’ll be whisked off to a new Norse land. It’s here where adventure awaits, as you journey through the world, attempting to become the most fierce of mice warriors. How your little mouse guy is going to be able to cope with gods and warlocks is anyone’s guess…

From Aivictory, Game Dynasty and Desert Water Games, if it’s a tale of fame you want, Mice Gard is looking to provide it. Similarly, survival is going to come to the fore with this one. Ultimately, it’s that which your little mousey life will be focused on. 

Buy now!

You can buy Mice Gard on Xbox right now. Let us know which console you’ll be playing on – Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S?

Just be aware that there are two options kicking around. The standard version of Mice Gard on the Xbox Store lets you play on Xbox. But there’s also the Mice Gard Bundle which includes PC play alongside that of Xbox. 

Mice Gard Description

MiceGard is an adventure game where viking mice fight for honor, fame and survival. Explore the world inspired by Norse mythology, meet with gods and warlocks and seize the glory of the fiercest mouse-warrior in this action-packed saga!

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