A Dusty Trip Engines Guide

Every car needs an engine, but not all engines are the same. So let’s discuss them. Our A Dusty Trip engines guide explains everything that’s important to know about the car part.

A Dusty Trip is out right now on Roblox. We’ve also got an A Dusty Trip controls guide if you need a few driving lessons.

A Dusty Trip Engines Guide

First we tell you what role engines play, then we talk about the ones available.

About Engines

Engines are the heart of your vehicle in A Dusty Trip. You install them under the hood in regular vehicles, and between the front seats in the van. The different engine determines what fuel you need to use, how fast the fuel burns, and how fast the vehicle can travel at top speed… so they’re pretty important!

You receive a basic engine to start, but you can pick up new and better ones by scavenging on the road… if you don’t mind a bit of danger.

All Working Engines

Here are all of the engines currently available in the game, their stats, and where to find them.

Basic Engine

Found in the starting house, on the workbench.

  • Uses Gasoline.
  • Top speed 150mph. (Depending on vehicle.)
  • Medium fuel consumption.

Quad Engine

Part of the quadbike, a gamepass-only vehicle.

  • Uses Gasoline.
  • Top speed 150mph.
  • Very low fuel consumption.

V6 Engine

Found in buildings and ruins as a random spawn, fairly common.

  • Uses Gasoline
  • Top Speed 190mph. (Depending on vehicle.)
  • Medium fuel consumption.

V8 Engine

Found in buildings and ruins at random. Lower spawn rate than the V6.

  • Uses Diesel.
  • Top speed 300mph. (Depending on the vehicle).
  • High fuel consumption.

Demonic Engine

Found only in church buildings.

  • Uses Gasoline.
  • Top speed 150mph.
  • Very high fuel consumption.

What Is The Best Engine?

The V8 is the fastest engine in the game, though comes with the downside of using rarer diesel fuel and a high rate of consumption, which is a risky gamble. If you have plenty of diesel to burn, then the V8 is the best. If not, the V6 might be a better bet.

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