Ubisoft’s delayed free-to-play shooter XDefiant finally gets Xbox release date

If you’ve been looking forward to collecting the XDefiant achievements, you won’t need to wait much longer, as Ubisoft has now revealed the XDefiant Xbox release date. We’ll be able to dive into the upcoming free Xbox game on May 21 when the preseason kicks off.

XDefiant launches on Xbox Series X|S later this month

After finding some “inconsistencies in the game experience” following public test sessions in October, Ubisoft delayed XDefiant indefinitely, but it appears that the free-to-play shooter is now ready to roll. As announced by Ubisoft, XDefiant will launch on Xbox Series X|S and other platforms on May 21, opening with a six-week preseason.

During the game’s first six weeks, XDefiant players will be able to access 14 maps, five game modes, 24 weapons with over 44 attachments, and five factions: Cleaners, Echelon, Libertad, Phantoms, and a premium faction, Dedsec. When Season One kicks off six weeks later, we can expect to see another faction added to the game, as well as three new weapons, three maps, and the game’s first 90-tier battle pass.

According to the roadmap, over the game’s first year, Ubisoft aims to add 12 new weapons, 12 new maps, new arena and progression modes, ranked and private matches, and practice zones. Of course, like any free-to-play game worth its salt, there will also be plenty of battle passes to get stuck into along the way.

If an arena shooter based on a number of Ubisoft’s IPs isn’t your cup of tea, Digital Cybercherries has announced that its action-figure shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed launches on Xbox at the end of this month as well.

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