Count Brocula awakes on Xbox and PC!

Brocula keyart
Brocula is on Xbox and PC

A pixel arted indie game that tells of a vampire who awakes into an all-new world, Brocula releases on Xbox and PC. 

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, following on from a previously available demo, is Brocula.

Become Brocula

From the DESTROYER DOGGO team, this is a game in which you’ll be looking to navigate the world, earning money from jobs, exploring towns for friends, scavenging in order to build up your castle. More importantly though, Brocula is a game that will allow you the chance to showcase your finest vampiric skills. 

Priced at £16.74 on the Xbox Store, Brocula sees you taking on the role of the titular protagonist, as they wake from a sleep of some 500 years. The world has changed much since those eyelids first shut, and so Brocula will be left to try his best to navigate a modern world and all that entails. 

With a gameplay loop that centres on the need for money and a variety of social struggles, there’s much going on in Brocula – a bit of farming, some selling, a managing of your cult and more. How you go about taking on tis quest will be up to you – can you unleash the immortal within?

Buy now

Brocula is on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s due to hit PC via Steam very soon too. 

Stay tuned for a review of Brocula on Xbox from us. But if you wish to take a little peek without splashing any cash, you’d do well to check out the Xbox demo too. 

Brocula Description

Embark on an epic journey as Brocula, a vampire awoken from a 500-year slumber in a world unrecognizable to him. Stripped of his wealth, he must navigate the daunting maze of capitalism, taking on part-time jobs at the local garage, coffee shop, and restaurant to earn a meager living. But that’s not all—his ancestral castle, now in ruins, poses another challenge. Work tirelessly to repair the dilapidated fortress, all while facing the bureaucratic hurdles of reclaiming its ownership from the town’s mayor.

Engage in a captivating gameplay loop that revolves around money and societal struggles. Tend to your crops, cultivate a flourishing farm right next to the castle, and sell your harvest for profit. Immerse yourself in the art of fishing, honing your skills to reel in a bountiful catch that can be used for cooking delicious meals.

Yet, as a vampire, your responsibilities extend beyond mundane chores. Manage your cult, restoring the once-forgotten church and conducting regular sermons to gather the lifeblood you crave. Venture into the treacherous depths of the everchanging forest, an enigmatic dungeon teeming with monstrous creatures and valuable treasures, ripe for the taking.

Experience the rich tapestry of Brocula’s world through stunning visuals showcased in our screenshots and cinematic trailer. Will you rise against the perils of capitalism, reclaim your heritage, and forge your own destiny? Unleash the immortal within and embark on an unforgettable quest!”

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