Pokémon GO‘s Camera Feature Gets a Major AR Upgrade

Niantic announced an upgrade for GO Snapshot which is now live, bringing more Pokémon into frame than ever before. New updates to the GO Snapshot feature let players add up to three Pokémon in any photo. Pokémon can move throughout the shot, ensuring the perfect group photo. Like the main series, a new toy can also capture a Pokémon’s attention, making snapshots more dynamic.

GO Snapshot also receives burst mode and a timer to give players additional options to choose from when composing their shots. To access the new GO Snapshot, players can easily select the Camera item in their inventory, or tap the Camera icons within the Pokédex or the menu.

  • Point, position, and photograph Pokémon with all-new enhancements to GO Snapshot!
  • To access GO Snapshot, select the Camera item in your inventory, or tap the Camera icons within the Pokédex or the menu.
  • For the first time, you can include up to three Pokémon in your snapshots! You can pick whichever three Pokémon you please, or you can check out the available group sets. Group sets are featured suggestions that can help inspire your photography!
  • You can place Pokémon in your photo on the ground, on an object, or in the air—you can finally snap a pic of certain Pokémon taking wing! You can also use a new toy to capture your Pokémon’s attention.
  • Ready to review? Exit out of the GO Snapshot view to check out your AR photos, which you can bedazzle with all sorts of decorations!
  • Other updates include burst mode, which takes a series of AR photos, and timer, which applies a delay prior to taking the AR photo.

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