Fortnite bans Yoda for turning into green spaghetti, crashing your game

Yoda is many things—a Jedi master and a master of the Ataru lightsaber form. A wise sage, who counselled the legendary Luke Skywalker in the ways of the force. He’s also available in Fortnite as a cosmetic, replete with a little backpack to make sure he doesn’t topple out, bless him.

He has also been banished to a digital Fortnite purgatory for crimes against game engines, a most severe offence by any metric. Banned from Fortnite, Yoda is—turning into green spaghetti, Yoda did. Alright, I’m going to steer away from the wrinkly little guy’s vernacular or I’m never going to finish writing this.

Added to the shop during the May 4 Star Wars crossover event, several items were. Kriff, I’m doing it again. These included a little Yoda you could wear as a backpack for 1,000 V-bucks, culminating in maybe one of my favourite images on the internet. 

(Image credit: @iFireMonkey on Twitter/X.)

As highlighted by a one iFireMonkey on Twitter, Yoda has been sent to the dungeon because—and you might want to prepare your brain for this sentence—”if you do the Zoidberg Scuttle emote while wearing the Yoda backbling, there is a high chance that you will crash your game.” 

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