Most popular Xbox games — Starfield rejoins the top 40 following DLC news

Almost a month after Amazon’s fantastic TV show led to an astonishing number of players collecting Fallout 4 achievements and Fallout 76 achievements, both games are now just beginning to fall back down the chart slightly. There’s plenty of Xbox Game Pass goodness to be found in this week’s chart as well, as a number of games that recently left our list of upcoming Game Pass games to join the service are shaking things up.

Xbox Game Pass shakes things up in this week’s Gameplay Chart

This week, the top ten has had a bit of a shake-up, with multiple Fallout games beginning their descent. It appears that fanfare surrounding the Fallout TV show, and subsequently the games, has begun to dissipate. Fortnite and Call of Duty continue to hold onto the top two spots, while Minecraft steps into 3rd, replacing Fallout 4 which is now in 4th — Fallout 4 saw a 54% increase in Xbox players following the rollout of its next-gen update at the end of April. As for Fallout 76, it has fallen down to 8th, making way for GTA 5 to move into 5th, Roblox to 6th, and Rainbow Six Siege to 7th. Rocket League has moved up to 9th and EA Sport’s FC 24 has dropped into 10th.

Further down the chart, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has jumped up to 13th after rejoining the chart last week at 20th following its arrival in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Just below that in 16th, Aggro Crab’s Soulslike, Another Crab’s Treasure, has clawed up five spots to 16th, followed by Sea of Thieves, which has sailed into 17th after the launch of Season 12.

Following the Game Pass goodness we see, Have a Nice Death has made its chart debut at 21st after joining the service last week, and PC Game Pass’ Manor Lords has jumped 12 spaces into 27th. It seems the upcoming Shattered Space DLC and news of a big update have pushed some players to check out Starfield again, as Bethesda’s space RPG has reentered the top 40 in 31st, while Fall Guys has also reappeared at 33rd. The chart is then rounded off with Elden Ring’s reentry at 40th, which is likely due to its Shadow of the Erdtree DLC releasing next month.

Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 2.4 million active Xbox accounts. Chart information is copyright GameInsights. For details on how the chart is calculated, click here.

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