Rule and review with I Am Your President on Xbox

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I Am Your President is now on Xbox

Having previously released on PC, it’s now time for Xbox players to find the opportunity to rule and review, as I Am Your President releases on Xbox consoles. 

Become POTUS

I Am Your President is – as you may expect to hear – a political survival game in which you take on the role of POTUS: the President of the United States. Whether you run the route of Biden, of Trump, of Obama or a completely different route, this is a game which wil see you working through various political and ideological routes. And it’ll do so in the most satirical of ways. 

Created by President Studio, I Am Your President comes to Xbox via those at Ultimate Games, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Purchase, download and play and you’ll discover the opportunity to fight for political survival, gathering up that much needed public support in order to ensure you can have a crack at a second term. 

Promising to deliver a closer look at big politics (we’re not sure that’s a great selling point, but let’s run with it), you’ll get to attend press conferences, take in foreign policies, deliver speeches and work the socials. And to help you along is a political compass, ensuring you can keep on track with what is important to you. 

Key features

Random events, conspiracy theories and humour, dive in to I Am Your President and you’ll find the following key features… 

  • political survival;
  • domestic and foreign policy;
  • different ideological currents;
  • random events and crises;
  • conspiracy theories.

Buy now!

I Am Your President is on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for £16.74. You’ll find it on Steam too.

Let us know if you decide to play it. The comments are below and our review is coming soon.

I Am Your President Description

Congratulations, Mr. President, you have just won the elections! No pressure. Take it slowly. It’s not like you can be impeached, die during the nuclear bombing or in assassination. Not like that at all.

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