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Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao is a Sci-Fi rogeulite FPS with crafting elements, where you fight and drill your way into the depths of a planet, in search of a long-lost city.

In Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao you are searching for the ancient city of Xantao on an alien planet. You have a large circular drilling rig that drills down through the planet and as you make your way through each layer you’ll disembark to battle enemies, discover secrets and gather resources. These resources can then be used to craft new weapons, gadgets and upgrades, and you can also upgrade your drilling rig too.

It’s an interesting concept that does a great job of offering roguelite gameplay that offers a form of meaningful progression. Sign up for the Beta to see if you can drill your way to Xantao!

Sign Up For The Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)

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