Beta teething issues aside, Discord’s Roll20 activity for running D&D and other RPGs inside the app works great

To get a roleplaying game going you have to make it past as many hassles as any party of adventurers ever faced in a dungeon—only instead of traps that sever your hand if you put it in a statue’s mouth they’re more like scheduling issues and the difficulty of finding a group you vibe with. 

Playing online with a virtual tabletop means at least people don’t have to come to your house, which is one hassle less, but can cause its own problems. Some virtual tabletops have to be paid for, some require everyone to sign up to the service, some demand players learn how to use complicated software, and so on. Which is why Discord pairing with Roll20 is potentially ideal—Discord is the default voice app for most gamers, and Roll20 is a popular virtual tabletop that’s lightweight enough to have a low learning curve, but featured enough that you can get advanced with stuff like realtime lighting and fog of war if you want.

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