Broken Mirror – A adventure horror preview for the C64 that looks rather interesting!

Something different for today on Indie Retro News, as looking through the CSdb site for something interesting to write up, and we’ve come across rather cool looking adventure horror game called ‘Broken Mirror’ by Tommie Hansmar with music by 4Gente Zeus Zardax. Although it’s just a preview, and unsure if it will be turned into a full game however. If you enjoy games such as Shadowgate, then it might be worth checking out this rather nice C64 homebrew which is being shown in the footage provided by Saberman.

Here’s the latest from the developer. “This was originally an interactive fiction game created in a programming language called ALAN IF. Alan is a tool for creating just text adventure games. This was the first game I ever created at the Game Assembly when I studied there back in 2009, the same school that I now work at. For years I’ve been thinking about remaking this game to a classic point and click game, but because I didn’t have the source code or even a playable version, the task was impossible”. 

“The turning point came when I started working for the game assembly and searched through the game archive. At first, I found nothing. Which led me to believe that the game really was lost in time. But after a month or so i took another look and really searched through everything, and that’s when I found it. The was archived in the wrong place!! The source code was still gone, but there was at least a playable version of the game.  I have played through the whole game, found all the hidden stuff that we implemented over ten years ago and pretty much remembered everything. Now it’s time to finally code the game over to the C64”.

Original game by : Tobias Nyman, Tommie Hansmar, Natalie Ericsson, Ludvig Myrgren.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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