HighTide’s Hypixel Skyblock Commands at Minecraft

About this mod

A basic mod that adds some useful commands for Hypixel SkyBlock.

Permissions and credits
HighTide’s Hypixel SB CMDS
HighTide’s Hypixel SkyBlock Commands is a really useful mod for Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock that adds commands for new and/or advanced players to use! The mod adds commands like:

  • /hsbiteminfo (A command that will give you information on a specified skyblock item)
  • /hsbrarities (A command that will give you basic information about all the rarities in skyblock)
  • /hsbportalhubs (A command that will give you a list of portal hub island warps that allow you to travel anywhere on the skyblock server)
  • /hsbcalc (A command that allows you to make quick calculation inside Minecraft)
  • Much much more can be found with /hsbhelp

Things to Note:
After many hours of testing and messages between the Hypixel community and staff, I have got this mod approved for use. All this means is that you are free to use this mod in Hypixel and and game modes within Hypixel without running the risk of being banned or suspended. For more information, I recommend checking the Hypixel Forums for any questions about mods you might be wondering about. The community in those forums are very helpful and are available whenever for the most part. If you have any more in-depth questions about the mods innerworkings, please don’t hesitate to message me on Discord or contact me through my development email.

Watch out for Clones:
Recently after looking around a bit, I’ve noticed quite a bit of people creating clones of my mod. If you aren’t sure if the mod you are looking at is legit, please contact me with one of those links mentioned above. This one is real though 😀

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