Little Kitty, Big City Guide – Where to find the dog’s tennis balls

Stuck in Little Kitty, Big City? Check out our guide on how to find the three lost tennis balls in the dog’s yard.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Little Kitty, Big City.

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  • You can meet the Shiba dog by using one of Tanuki’s portals, after you have acquired the Climbing Ability by eating a fish. 
  • For more information on how to acquire a fish, check out this guide.
  • After meeting the Shiba dog, go through the gate to talk to them. 
  • All three balls the dog is looking for are located in the dog’s yard.
  • To begin with, climb up the ivy on the greenhouse
  • The first ball can be found in a nest right near where you’ll end up.
  • Jump on the nest to break it, which will free the ball. 
  • Swipe the ball down to the ground (in case it hasn’t fallen already), and then guide the ball to the dog’s pit.
  • For the second ball, approach the two upside-down buckets near the dog and run into them or swipe them to reveal a ball inside. 
  • As before, guide it to the dog’s pit.
  • For the third ball, once again climb up the ivy and this time, climb up the air conditioner with the blue cloth on it. 
  • Walk on the railing to find the tennis ball in a flower pot.
  • Swipe the pot to the right and if you’re lucky, the ball will automatically fall or roll into the dog’s pit.

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