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chip and charge
Chip and Charge is a new Xbox tennis game

We’ve seen a host of tennis games arrive on the Xbox scene over the years, with the return of TopSpin 2K25 smashing the others all over the court. Today Chip and Charge looks to smash one back… 

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, optimised, is Chip and Charge. From the Weakfish Studio and 909 Games double act, this is a tennis game unlike any other.

A new Xbox tennis game

Yep, we’re not sure this is going to have enough about it to challenge for a place amongst the best tennis games on Xbox, but for what it is, it may just about be worth a lob. 

Priced at £4.19, with a launch discount in place if you are quick, Chip and Charge is the most simple of tennis titles, at least initially. See, the visuals are fairly basic, the gameplay even more so, as you are left to rally it back and forth across court, looking for your winning shot. 

Where Chip and Charge differs though is in the unique game modes. There are three on offer here – Normal, Fast, Bomb – with the latter making things altogether a bit more explosive. Consider that AI difficulties ramp up whilst cosmetics come into play, and there could well be a reason to check this one out. 

A local multiplayer cooperatiive mode should allow for some doubles play too. 

Key features

  • 6 unique maps
  • Dozens of cosmetics and equipment
  • 8 difficult AI enemies
  • Co-Op Mode
  • Different experiences with Normal, Fast and Bomb game modes!

Buy now!

You’ll find Chip and Charge present on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. £4.19 feels like a steal. Agreed? The comments are below. 

Chip and Charge Description

Try yourself with 3 unique game modes! Normal, Fast and Bomb! Play against 8 increasingly difficult AIs! Do you want to be the best at the game and beat your friends! You can play Co-Op with your friends! Enjoy the taste of classic great tennis with the normal game mode! Think you’re too good now? How about fast mode. Bomb mode if you want something different! Don’t let this ball hit the ground.

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