Princess Paloma’s Rescue – The first entry in the MSXdev24 compo by InfiniteMSX looks fabulous!

When it comes to the MSXdev competition, you are guaranteed at least one very decent game, that I’d recommend to anyone who was looking into getting into the MSXdev scene. Case and point being Lilly’s Saga, which was an MSXdev22 winner for Gameplay, Graphics and Sound. Well here we are with a new competition to look forward to, and the first banger for 2024 is Princess Paloma’s Rescue for the MSX2. A very solid action platform game by InfiniteMSX, that follows the timeless tale of a hero on a quest to rescue a princess.

Here’s the latest from the website “The fate of the kingdom and Princess Paloma hangs in the balance, awaiting a brave soul to undertake the heroic quest of rescuing the princess from the hands of the repulsive mage Morgath. Oh, yes, it is a classic story of kings, princesses and heroes. Lead your hero through five distinct realms, each demanding the acquisition of keys that ultimately unlock the path to the captured princess. That is, if you succeed to avoid the enchanted creatures that lurk in the shadows, steer clear of obstacles and traps, and employ your wit and dexterity to outsmart the game’s attempt to misguide you when ever it sees fit”.

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