Mega Drive Under Siege: SACRED LINE 1 & 2 | AUSRETROGAMER

Horror Games Invade The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis

Get your Sega Mega Drive / Genesis consoles out, cause Mega Cat Studios and Sasha Darko have released Sacred Line I & II for Sega’s 16-Bit wonder!

These surreal and horrifying choose-your-own-adventure titles for Sega’s 16-Bit beast feature haunting and treacherous locales to explore, brought to life with gorgeous yet unsettling 3D-rendered visuals, clever puzzles to solve, and deep stories centered around mature themes like war crimes, religious cults, and much, much more!

What are you waiting for, go and get horrified on your Sega Mega Drive / Genesis!!


  • Titles: Sacred Line 1 & Sacred Line 2
  • Price: US$39.99 (cart only) / US$49.99 (complete in box + manual) each
  • Availability: right now at Mega Cat Studios



image source: Mega Cat Studios


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