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Monke Simulator is a vibrant first person parkour shooter where you go ape and use faeces-fuelled weapons as you speed through levels.

In Monke Simulator you will traverse the Monkeverse on a one-monkey mission to defeat a fascist regime. Your travels will take you through jungles, desserts, ancient temples and neon-filled cityscapes, and will see you using your monkey agility, ridiculous weapons and banana gadgets to make your way through the levels as fast as possible. Do well and you’ll not only help topple a fascist regime, but you’ll also earn a place on the online leaderboards (which is arguably much more of a worthwhile achievement).

It’s a very fun looking game that looks set to deliver a Mirror’s Edge-eque parkour plafrotming experience, but with faster gameplay, more combat and plenty of monkey-based humor. Sign up for the Beta to start monkeying around early!

Join In The Monke Simulator Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)

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