Tribit XSound Plus 2 Speaker Review 

Tribit XSound Plus 2 Speaker in full
A punchy little speaker

Treat yourself with better beats

That Tribit company motto seems to ring true with their XSound Plus 2 Wireless Speaker; an upgrade on the company’s MaxSound Plus. For this tiny little portable speaker is pretty capable in all regards; better beats being front and centre. 

Over the last few weeks I’ve come to love the Tribit XSound Plus 2 that I’ve been using for all manner of audio opportunities. It’s been sitting there as the sun has shone, delivering the finest tunes to garden gatherings, and it’s been connected up for gaming too, as I’ve gone and spent hours with the best games on Game Pass. At no point has the XSound Plus 2 Speaker let me down either. 

A diminutive little speaker that is all black in colour, the Tribit XSound Plus 2 is one of those ‘pick up, switch on and play’ devices. Consider that this is pretty tiny, running at some 198.5mm x 66.5mm x 70mm dimensions with a weight of 580 grams and you’ll fast understand how this is perfect for portability. For our use, that means it’s followed us everywhere, from one room to the next, swung around via its included wrist strap, as we’ve made the most of the ease and portability. With some 24 hours promised in terms of the off-power battery life, it’s more than done what has been asked of it. 

TRIBIT XSound Plus 2_04
All the buttons you need

Powered by a hidden USB-C port for when juice drops, the XSound Plus 2 has been a cinch to use. Setup via Bluetooth 5.3 to our phone took a matter of seconds, and from there this has stayed solidly connected at all times; auto-switching off whenever it’s not detected an audio requirement for a few minutes. 

With a software update handled by the Tribit App (for us, the Android version), this has been capable of pushing out some seriously punchy sounds no matter what the occasion; probably down to the neodymium drivers, advanced DSP and amplifiers. Granted, we’ve found that to our liking the XBass equaliser setting has been preferred, but there are plenty other EQ settings available for cycling through that anyone should be able to set things up as they need; whether it be more traditional soundscapes, those optimised for audiobooks, rock or jazz. A fully customisable equaliser is present if required too, but we’d think you’d have to be a full-on audiophile to even have to worry about that. 

TRIBIT XSound Plus 2_02
The Tribit XSound Plus 2 is IPX7 rated

Aside from switching the XSound Plus 2 Speaker on with a press of a top-mounted button, much of its use has been done via the App and the usual standard Bluetooth connection that anyone should be familiar with. But if you do need to get all hands on, the XSound Plus 2 has a variety of buttons ready to roll. All sitting under a rubber top for ease of pressing, you’ve got the usual power button, Bluetooth switch, volume rockers, pause (doubling up as a Google Assistant button for us), EQ settings and more. Rarely will you ever really feel the need to hit these buttons though, probably preferring the XSound Plus 2 to just sit in place, delivering audio. But it’s a nice option to have should you require it. 

There’s a 3.5mm AUX port should you need one too, hidden around the back, covered next to the USB-C power port behind a sealed flap ensuring this one comes with full waterproofing and IPX7 ratings.

That means you’ll probably find that what Tribit has created in the XSound Plus 2 Speaker will more than cover what you need. With some nice punch in the audio, a brilliantly portable, rugged design and enough battery power to keep you going with worry, there should be no reason to not consider the Tribit XSound Plus 2 Speaker for your Bluetooth audio needs. 

In fact, it’s perfect if you are looking to treat yourself to better beats

Huge thanks go out to Tribit for providing us with the XSound Plus 2 Speaker for review. You’ll also find it on Amazon for £64.99.  

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