13 Mind-Blowing Esports Salaries That Will Make You Question Your Career Choices

Are you tired of your nine-to-five job and looking for something more exciting and rewarding? The realm of esports might be your answer. The industry has exploded in recent years, offering opportunities and salaries that are hard to ignore. 

The global esports market was estimated to be worth USD 1.7 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.6% between 2023 and 2030, to reach a value of USD 11.94 billion

This incredible growth means more jobs and higher paychecks in various roles within esports. From agents and analysts to streamers and commentators, the potential earnings in esports can make traditional career paths seem less appealing. 

Learn about 13 incredible esports salaries that could change the course of your career.

1. Esports Agent

Esports agents are responsible for helping players find opportunities, managing their contracts, and arranging sponsorships. They act as the bridge between players and potential deals. 

Earning an average salary of $101,000, agents ensure that players get the best possible terms and support for their careers. Their expertise is crucial for navigating the competitive landscape of esports.

2. Esports Analyst

Esports analysts dive deep into game data to interpret trends and patterns. Teams can use the insights they offer to inform their decisions and game plans. 

With an average salary of above $70,000, analysts play a vital role in helping teams understand their performance and improve their gameplay. Their analytical skills help teams stay ahead of the competition.

3. Esports Journalist

Journalists in the esports industry create media content about events, players, and developments. Anything from player interviews and industry news to match summaries is covered. 

Esports journalists expose the drama and excitement of esports to a larger audience, earning over $60,000. Their work helps fans stay informed and engaged with the latest happenings in the esports world.

4. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists manage the public image and fan relations for esports teams and players. They coordinate events, handle communication campaigns, and ensure positive media coverage. 

These specialists earn about $83,000 a year, which makes them essential for maintaining a positive public image. Their efforts help build loyal fan bases and attract sponsors.

5. Esports Manager

Esports managers oversee the daily operations of teams or organizations. From choosing contests to organizing training plans and overseeing salaries, they take care of everything. In the USA, an esports manager makes, on average, $127,488 a year, or $61+ an hour. 

The starting salary for entry-level professions is around $75,000 annually, while the majority of experienced workers earn more than $200,000. Their role is critical for keeping teams organized and focused on achieving their goals.

6. Esports Coach

Coaches develop strategies, provide training, and mentor players to enhance their skills and performance. They are responsible for the overall development of the team. 

In addition to earning about $60,000 a year, coaches are crucial to developing great players. Their guidance and strategic planning are essential for competitive success.

7. Esports Referee

Referees ensure fair play during esports tournaments and matches. To preserve the competition’s integrity, they make choices and impose regulations. 

With a salary of approximately $55,000, referees play a crucial role in ensuring that games are played fairly and that disputes are resolved quickly and accurately.

8. Esports Streamer

Streamers broadcast their gameplay live on platforms like Twitch, engaging with fans and building a community. Donations, sponsorships, and subscriptions are how they make money. 

Top streamers can make anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 per month, making streaming one of the most lucrative careers in esports. Successful streamers often become celebrities in their own right, attracting large audiences and significant earnings.

9. Esports Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visuals, logos, and branding elements for teams, tournaments, and events. Their work helps establish a unique identity and visual appeal. 

Their income ranges from $40,000 to $60,000. To the marketing and branding of esports, they significantly contribute.

10. Esports Commentator

Commentators provide live commentary and analysis during matches. Their excitement and insights elevate the viewing experience for fans. 

Commentators are crucial to the interesting and entertaining nature of esports broadcasts, having an average pay of over $72,000.

11. Esports Event Coordinator

Event coordinators plan and execute tournaments, handling venue selection, logistics, and participant management. 

Their organizational skills ensure events run smoothly. Earning approximately $55,000, they play a crucial role in the success of esports events.

12. Esports Marketing Manager

Marketing managers develop and implement strategies to promote teams, tournaments, and brands. They work on campaigns that attract fans and sponsors. 

With an average salary of about $70,000-$75,000, they are vital for increasing the visibility and popularity of esports.

13. Esports Videographer

Videographers capture and edit video content, such as player profiles, tournament highlights, and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Their work brings the world of esports to life on screen. Paying between $40,000 and $70,000 (based on expertise), videographers help tell compelling stories with images that captivate audiences.

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