Healers in FF14 get that awful sinking feeling as Yoshi-P cheerily announces a major buff to an ability mainly used for resurrection

Final Fantasy 14 has had its last “live letter” before Dawntrail—live streams which clue players in on what they can expect in the next expansion. This time around, Yoshi-P revealed a ton of new info about job (class) changes that’ll be coming with its latest expansion, Dawntrail.

Among a very flashy and exciting trailer showing off all the new toys we’ll be getting, the game’s director Naoki Yoshida (better-known as Yoshi-P) worked through several of the more granular tweaks to jobs. One seemingly innocuous update, however, has the game’s healers clutching their staffs, nautiloids, and fantasy tarot decks: Swiftcast’s getting buffed.

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