RIPOUT is due to exit Early Access

Horror fans are an interesting breed. I’ve never quite understood the urge to sit in a dark room alone and fully immersed in something designed to be terrifying. I’m guessing it’s probably an adrenaline thing. Saying this, I’d literally rather jump off a building than engage in these sorts of shenanigans. Now more than ever, (as certain team members can attest,) horror fanatics can introduce their hobby to everyone else around them. Scary situations are now cooperative and folk like me are prime targets. This means that I’m talking about today’s game with some trepidation because I know for a fact that the moment our resident horror fan reads this I’m going to get talked into being “involved.” The game on today’s slate is RIPOUT. I can’t wait.

RIPOUT is, as I’ve just mentioned, a horror FPS from the folk over at 3D Realms and Pet Project Games. This is a title that’s been doing its bit in Early Access for a while but is due to become a fully-fledged release come May 28th. If you can’t wait you can go over to Steam and grab the Early Access version here. Just please finish reading this first, or I’ll be talking to myself.

In RIPOUT you and a squad of up to three of your friends will traverse some very not-so-abandoned spaceships filled with terrifying deadly monstrosities. You’ll have to successfully tear through the ghastly inhabitants of these derelicts and survive if you are to ever have any hope of finding Sanctuary, the last bastion of humanity.

As you sweep the floors and eerie hallways of the derelict starships, you’ll encounter genetically altered beings that can attach smaller mutants to their bodies. Luckily, they aren’t the only ones with the ability to call in extra firepower. You will be equipped with the Pet Gun, a weapon that will allow you to turn their own biotech against them and use it to tear through even the most formidable defenses. This very useful gun will come alongside an arsenal of weapons and abilities. You’ll need to use everything you’ve got if you’re going to stand a chance of reaching Sanctuary.

Those of you who have been playing the Early Access version of RIPOUT will be happy to note that V1.0 will be bringing you eight new levels to explore as well as a new objective type. Kill Zone will be asking you to eliminate a specific number of enemies on a certain section of the level. In addition to the new additions, you’ll also see some quality-of-life updates including improved balancing for enemy health and damage based on player count and sector progress. Obviously, if you haven’t played RIPOUT yet this will all be new to you and you’ll get to enjoy V1.0 from a completely blank slate.

If you’re a fan of the horror genre and can’t wait to explore something new with your mates, RIPOUT looks like it could be a really fun way to go. If you’re planning on holding out for the full release you won’t have long to wait. Should you not be able to resist getting involved straight away that Early Access version is waiting tantalizingly for you to grab it. Either way, if this all sounds like your sort of thing, you know exactly what you need to do next.

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