New MultiVersus character is bad news for the guy who said ‘if Banana Guard gets added I will cut my balls off’

Banana Guards are minor characters in Adventure Time. They look like banana popsicles, and aren’t an obvious pick for the ensemble roster of Warner Bros fighting game MultiVersus, which could include lots of better-known cartoon characters. The Powerpuff Girls are expected, for instance, but there’s still been no reveal. Banana Guard, however, just made the cut, and some fans cannot accept it.

Before Banana Guard was confirmed with an introduction trailer today, the MultiVersus X account stoked rumors about the potassium-rich addition by mailing bananas to players and responding to speculation with banana puns like “we’re peeling good about launch day.” It was hard to seriously doubt that Banana Guard was coming, but some players frantically convinced themselves it was a ruse.

Originally posted by www.pcgamer.com

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