Lorelei and the Laser Eyes Walkthrough – How to get into Room 2014

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

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Getting Into the Reception Office

  • In order to progress in the game and get your room key, you will first have to fulfill a series of conditions in the Hotel.
  • First of all, you may have noticed after entering the hotel that the reception office door in the hotel lobby is locked, and a man is conversing on a phone inside.
  • This conversation will not finish until you have been to the second and third floors of the hotel.
  • Go straight ahead from the lobby into the foyer and take the stairs up to the second floor, then take another flight of stairs up (to the west) to the third floor. When you return to the lobby, you should trigger the cutscene with the man.
  • After the man appears in the lobby, talk to him and you’ll learn that your room key is at the reception desk. You can now finally enter the reception office.

Getting the Key to Room 2014

  • Go into the reception office to the west and then go behind the reception desk.
  • Here, read the letter on the small stool.
  • In this puzzle, you’ll have two things underlined: a date and either “last year” or “next year”. Add or remove 1 from the underlined year, and you’ll have your solution.
  • In our case, the solution was 1962 (last year from 1963).
  • Interact with the locked key cabinet near the stool and enter this year you’ve deduced. Here, rotate the blocks so that they form the numbers of the right year on the black borders.
  • You can now pick up the Room 2014 key inside and head up to the third floor to unlock your room.
  • Remember to collect the American dollar in the locked cabinet!

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