There’s a mod to fix Gale’s beard, making Baldur’s Gate 3 playable at last

Of course, the one essential Baldur’s Gate 3 mod remains the one that removes the party limit, as is true of so many RPGs. But if I was going to download a second mod for my current playthrough, Gale Edits—Piercings and Beard would be a strong contender.

There’s an issue with facial hair in Baldur’s Gate 3 that’s most noticeable on Gale’s handsome mug, and it’s that parts of beards can abruptly shorten or vanish entirely as the face beneath them moves. It’s as if the skin’s movements aren’t fully matching the hair’s movements, leaving parts of it to get consumed and temporarily disappear, resulting in a patchy beard rather than the full glory Gale of Waterdeep’s chin deserves.

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