Outlast – Insane Difficulty Walkthrough – Entire Game Speedrun (LUNATIC Trophy Guide)

This Outlast Walkthrough shows a speedrun of the entire game in Insane mode (Insane difficulty). Beating the game on this difficulty will earn you the “LUNATIC” gold trophy. This walkthrough can also be used for all other difficulties.
Insane mode is based on Nightmare difficulty, but there are no checkpoints and you cannot save the game. So if you die, you will have to start from the very beginning. You can only carry two batteries for your camera, there are significantly less spare batteries (but they have the same fixed spawn points as in Nightmare mode), boss enemies kill you in one hit and normal enemies in two hits.

Before you attempt this difficulty, you should have a very good understanding of how each area is structured, where exactly you need to go and where you can pick up some spare batteries along the way. The good thing is that you can quickly run through the entire game and the strategies from this video can be replicated on all difficulties. Enemies and objects always spawn at the same place. Enemies always show the same behaviour and have predetermined (scripted) paths of movement.

To make the game a little easier you should increase the brightness (gamma) to its maximum. Only activate night vision when really needed to save battery life.

Special thanks to the developer Red Barrels Games for providing a copy of this game:


Chapter 1 “Administration Block” – 0:00
Chapter 2 “Prison Block” – 8:58
Chapter 3 “Sewer” – 17:49
Chapter 4 “Male Ward” – 24:43
Chapter 5 “Courtyard” – 39:36
Chapter 6 “Female Ward” – 43:40
Chapter 7 “Return to Administration Block” – 53:52
Chapter 8 “Underground Lab” – 1:01:20

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